Business coach, James Siddy, is the latest at InXpress to have gain their BFA Qualified Franchise Professional certification! He joins a long list of qualified InXpress support staff.


When it comes to professional development in franchising, nothing carries more weight than the British Franchise Association’s (BFA) Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) certificate. Which is why InXpress have sent many of their Franchisor Support Team, on the course. The latest person to gain the qualification is Business Coach James Siddy, who just graduated.


James completed his QFP over a year of training sessions, webinars, and in-person BFA events. The benefit of which include sharing insights with other franchisors in different sectors, and hearing from experts in all aspects of running a franchise: from marketing, to legal. It provides QFP holders with the credibility franchise prospects are looking for, when speaking with franchisors about their opportunity.


James says “The QFP course has been fantastic. I’ve learnt so much and been inspired to try new initiatives within the InXpress network. It’s a huge honour to have graduated and now proudly wear the QFP title”.


As the UK’s leading Shipping franchise, InXpress are heavily invested in the franchise industry, so it’s little wonder they’re quick to recommend their team gain their certification. As InXpress’ Chief Commercial Officer EMEA, Jon White, says, “I completed the QFP a couple of years ago and know how valuable it is for our team. The programme gave me fantastic information and I joined discussions which inspired me, as I support franchisees. The course covers relevant topics which, although I may not personally be involved with, gave me a greater overview of how the Franchise Support Team works. We also covered areas which I’ve found personally beneficial, as I walk beside franchisees, including how to monitor their performance, and how to motivate them to higher success.”


Congratulations to James who joins the prestigious group at InXpress with the coveted letters QFP, after his name!