InXpress are committed to finding ways to give back, and over the summer, they’re on a mission. To raise money for Mentors International before the next InXpress Women’s Conference.

InXpress franchisees love to be able to give back to others through their flourishing businesses. So, when Head Office suggested a global fundraising initiative over the summer, they were inundated with support from the network. And who doesn’t like a bit of competition to be the office who raises the most for the chosen charity?!

In September last year, InXpress launched their first ever Women’s Conference for the female franchisees, their sales teams and admin staff, within the global network. The online event was well attended, with everyone finding inspiration and encouragement as women running their businesses. As part of this year’s event, Mel Martin and the team decided it would be good if they could support women outside the network too.

As Mel, Global Head of Marketing for InXpress explains, “We wanted to bring in a gives back element to the conference this year. One of the ladies on the planning call suggested Mentors International – a friend of hers is involved in the charity, and so she knew how well they aligned with our visions. As well as helping impoverished people around the world, their big thing is to offer entrepreneurs a ‘hand up, not a handout’. With most of those supported being women, we felt it was a great fit for what the InXpress International Women’s conference is all about.”

So, the conference organisers put forward to the network a suggestion for raising funds, “Franchisees can choose how they will raise money – it can be something small, like a cake bake, or something larger, like a charity dinner,” explains Mel. This will benefit the franchisees as much as us as a brand, and the charity we’re supporting, as it will mean they can generate local interest and PR about what they’re doing.”

So, who is Mentors International?

Mentors International is a non-profit organisation who for 32 years have been lifting individuals and families out of poverty in 13 developing countries, to live in sustainable self-reliance. There are over 3 billion people throughout the world living on less than $3.20 a day. With little education and few opportunities, they often find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty for generations.

Mentors International provides a hand up. They offer small business development, vocational training and, when needed, access to micro-loans (90% of micro-loans are given to women) to help improve an individual’s income, alongside mentoring – all for free. Participants ’pay’ for their training by carrying out 40 hours of approved and structured community service to schools, municipalities, hospitals, orphanages, and senior care centers, etc.

Does it work? Well, during the 2021 fiscal year, Mentors International saw:

  • Mentored individual’s average increase in income: 62%
  • Mentored individual’s average increase in savings: 79%
  • Mentored individual’s average decrease in personal debt: 44%
  • Over 10,000 new jobs were created or obtained by mentored individuals

By focusing efforts to raise funds, InXpress is in a great position to make a real difference to people who really do need our help. As Mel says, “Mentors International is offering valuable support to women to boost their quality of life so they can build a better future for themselves. Those whom Mentors International help, often go on to make a significant difference in the communities where they live!”

There’s not much we can’t we do as women, when we put our minds to it:

To support the summer fundraiser, click here to find out more and make a donation: