“Life now looks and feels very different; I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me to achieve this.”

“When you run a business you rarely have time to sit back and look at what you’ve achieved because you’re too busy moving forwards.”

Woman Franchisor of the Year: Jenni Dunman, Daisy First Aid
A few years ago, when she first started her franchise, Jenni won New Woman Franchisor. Now she’s more established, she’s back to claim Woman Franchisor, showing her consistency in business.

One of the greatest joys of working with so many talented women through EWiF is seeing their projects grow and mature, from a great starting idea into something truly incredible. We’ve been privileged to observe many successful career journeys over the years; few more so than Jenni Dunman, CEO of the Daisy First Aid franchise.

Of course, this is not the first time Jenni has made the headlines with EWIF. She was the winner of our New Woman Franchisor award back in her early days with Daisy First Aid in 2016, and now she’s returned to claim the crown of Woman Franchisor of the Year for 2023.

Daisy First Aid provides paediatric first aid training to families, schools, childcare professionals and activity providers so that they can provide the medical attention needed during the first few critical moments of any incident. Their franchise model not only empowers women to teach essential life-saving skills, but also places a strong emphasis on maintaining a good work-life balance.

At its best, franchising should not just be about helping others build their own successful businesses, but also about helping them to live the life they want to lead. This includes women, who face the challenge of juggling work and family commitments, are returning to work after starting a family, or want to change career at any stage of life. EWiF was founded on the idea of supporting women to fulfil their true potential, and it’s partners like Jenni and Daisy First Aid who help us make this possible.

Over the eight years since the franchise’s founding, Jenni has proven herself to be a serious force to be reckoned with, expanding the network to include more than 100 franchisee-run territories across the UK. Balancing family commitments, alongside her parallel careers as a mindset speaker, coach and published author, Jenni has succeeded in taking Daisy First Aid to even greater heights over the last year. She’s taken everything she’s learned in growing the franchise to the next level, by increasing her Head Office team, introducing new systems, and has launched several new projects, all designed to drive customer growth, and increase her franchisees’ business profitability.

Woman Franchisor of the Year is always a hotly contested category, but Jenni’s drive and creativity saw her claim the top spot, in the judges eyes. It’s hard to imagine how she can top this level of achievement, but we’re looking forward to seeing what she comes up with in 2024 and beyond!


Franchising offers all women the chance to ‘be their own boss’. Organisations like Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWiF) and The British Franchise Association (bfa) provide support to women wanting to enter franchising with services like EWiF’s volunteer mentors and the bfa’s free online Prospect Franchisee Certificate.