Who are the British Franchise Association

The British Franchise Association is the voice of franchising, committed to driving forward a franchise sector with ethical business models and sustainable business opportunities for all. All members must go through their stringent application process to demonstrate their business is viable, transferable, ethical and sustainable, with all documents free from ambiguity and in order.


Little Dreams achieved BFA accreditation within 4months of launch and are thrilled that they have now been awarded the highly regarded expanding membership. This means that, we are not just starting out but that we are expanding across the UK. 


Jenna Wilson, Founder of Little Dreams says:

“We are thrilled to achieve such a highly regarded membership so early in our franchise journey. We feel this reflects the hard work and values, not only of the HO team, but all of our franchisees.

We have very strong core values and believe these have assisted us in achieving such a prestigious membership category.”


About :

‘Little Dreams Consulting’ was set up in 2016 by Jenna Wilson, a childcare solicitor and mother of three children. She has always felt incredibly strongly that sleep is imperative for good health and development of children and decided to initially train as a sleep consultant with Dana Obleman of Sleep Sense.


She has since trained with The Sleep Charity (UK) (who offer guidance on sleep under the NHS in the north west) and, after the birth of her third child in late 2016, she decided not to go back to law but concentrate on helping other families get a better night’s sleep! Since starting in 2016 Little Dreams Consulting has helped over 750 families get a better night’s sleep and obtain the health, developmental and educational benefits which come with that.


Jenna realised early on that, in order to help all the families who needed help as soon as possible, that another consultant was needed so in January 2019 Fay Smith joined, having completed all the training that Jenna had and there are now 4 members of the Little Dreams Consulting team. On top of this, the Little Dreams franchise opportunity was launched in December 2021 which now boasts 4 franchisees!


A Little Dreams franchise offers the best of both worlds – the flexibility and excitement of running your own business, while being part of, and supported by, an established brand. It’s almost a full-time job, but franchisees can choose the hours to suit their life and commitments. This unique opportunity is open to anyone, but it might particularly suit women seeking a new career after having children or experiencing lockdown.