Since last summer, the MagiKats franchise network has grown by over 40% – and there’s still this summer to go! We look at why this growth is happening and ask if YOU could be franchisee number twenty?

Why is This Phenomenal Growth Happening?

We believe the expansion of MagiKats is due to something every business student learns. The franchise, as a whole, is at the perfect stage for growth. The brand, MagiKats, continues to build its positive reputation. The goodwill, cultivated by the dedicated family run management team, means the size of the franchise network has increased during 2017 to 27 centres in the U.K. alongside international locations (including Dubai and Australia). This is the largest increase seen in twelve years of operations, which means it is a great time to invest.

Why is MagiKats a Great Investment?

In the words of our newest franchisees:

We are invested in our people:

Anita Law-Riding, Principal/Owner of MagiKats Pendle writes:

“For over ten years I was employed locally as a Family Law Solicitor and then became a Secondary Mathematics teacher. I came across MagiKats whilst looking at various tuition franchises and having explored all these websites in detail decided that MagiKats was the one for me. MagiKats Tuition Centres are all successful operations run by like-minded, enthusiastic educators who are passionate about the future education of our children.”

We make sure our people are suited to the investment:

Debra Thomas, New Principal/Owner from MagiKats Hereford says:

“I have a Certificate of Education, and I have worked with children for many years, including as a foster carer. I understand how to listen to children and work with them. I realised that they often need support with their basic Maths and English skills, either to improve problem areas, or to extend their knowledge beyond what is available at school. I researched ways in which children in my care could do this, and came across MagiKats in an internet search. I loved their ideas!”

We really support our people:

Alka Yadav, New Principal/Owner behind MagiKats Kingston says:

“As a grammar school tutor with two children, I liked the fact it is a proven programme that has been supporting students for more than 12 years now and has delivered results – but at the same time is a small family run business where everybody’s main goal is to help students. Being able to reach out for back-up and support is a great benefit, both as a mum and a first-time business owner.”

Why not find out if a MagiKats Maths and English Tuition Franchise is for you?

This is not the usual pitch for potential education franchisees. We think the voice of our franchisees speaks to our vision to provide tuition where children can “learn without limits”. We support our people with a marketing kick start (and ongoing support), professional development conferences, regular centre visits and a wealth of resources to sustain their success and growth. As a family-run enterprise, and a trusted brand, it is important to us to grow the franchise – but with the right people and in a sustainable way. As a potential education franchisee, your success is important to us. You are our priority.