As the days become cooler, and the dark comes earlier – it means that we’re approaching the end of year here at EWIF! What a year it has been at that! Over the past month or so we’ve been wrapping up with everything and reflecting on the year as a whole.

Our main events of the year have been and gone, and have been more successful than ever! Our annual EWIF awards made for a fantastic occasion, showing off the best in class of what our organisation represents. A new first as well for us, as for the first time ever our ‘Franchise Service Provider of the Year award’ was open to both female and male applicants alike! We’d like to thank everybody who came and took part in this years awards, and once again congratulate the winners of each of our seven award catergories; Jenni Dunman, Sara Harrison, Sussanne Chambers, Anne Wainwright, Kellie Blake, Donna King and Claire Roberts.

Then of course there was our annual conference on the 22nd of September, which went down as a truly fantastic event. It’s always nice when EWIF members both old and new can come together to meet and network amongst themselves and share tips & stories of their franchise experiences! It was also a great honour to have Celia Delaney and Clare Davis as our guest speakers at this year’s conference – so special thanks to them for giving two fantastic speeches!

We’ve also held many of our regular member meetings throughout this year, and we even introduced a new EWIF regional meeting for those who don’t know – EWIF midlands! So be sure to go along to our final Midlands meeting of this year on the 29th November if you get the chance (click here for details).

Fancy coming along to one of our 2 final meetings of this year? We’ll be holding meetings on the following dates:

EWIF North Regional Meeting – 24th November
EWIF Midlands Regional Meeting – 29th November

BFA Women in Franchising:

Also this month is the BFA Women in Franchising Event on the 17th November. We’d consider this a must for BFA members to attend; this year’s event will feature a whole range of inspiring presentations and panels of successful franchisors and franchisees you can learn from. We also have a very special guest keynote speaker in the form of Mandy Hickson! Mandy was one of the first female pilots to serve in a front line Tornado GR4 squadron and even played an active role in the conflict in Iraq.

To find out more about this event, click here.