With so much sadness in the world, have you ever wondered if there’s a way you can make a difference? We think we’re incredibly fortunate here at InXpress; but at this time of year, we can’t help but think about those who don’t have what we often take for granted. Which is why everyone involved with InXpress Gives Back likes to kick it up into an even higher gear over Christmas, so we can positively impact even more for those who need our support.

This year, InXpress Milton Keynes, are determined to see the children of Herberg Children’s Home in South Africa, having a special Christmas, despite the sadness they may be feeling. The home was initially opened in 1918 to take in the “flu orphans” and has become a safe haven for vulnerable children ever since. From children separated from their parents by the courts, or those who have been left at the doors due to the rising cost of living, through to orphans and refugees who are truly alone, Herberg’s mission is to provide an all-encompassing residential care and developmental programme. Their goal: to help vulnerable children reach their potential, and to develop life skills.

This year, the staff are hoping to provide their children with a magical day, this Christmas. As Maria Burns, co-owner of InXpress Milton Keynes, explains, “I discovered the orphanage when I was in South Africa visiting my parents a few years ago. Herberg has over 100 children living there, now, with over 27 who arrived within just the last few months. Some of them are orphans or have been taken away from their parents. Some of them have been dropped off there and just left at the door. It’s absolutely heart-breaking.”

To have such a personal connection to a charity like Herberg, really gives you a different perspective on life. Like many people, Maria has children who make their Christmas list every year. “I was watching the video sent to me from Herberg’s manager, Petro Uren, featuring the children, when my son walked in. One of the children was saying how all they wanted for Christmas is a hug. It broke me; it broke my son. I think it’s important for us to learn the value of giving, and my son saw this for himself about other children in other countries who don’t have the ability to ask Santa for anything.” 

The Orphanage staff have some beautiful plans to help the children enjoy their Christmas, such as visits to playgrounds and the beach, hikes to beauty spots, communal cookouts – simple activities, they would never be able to do otherwise. With the donation from InXpress Milton Keynes, matched by InXpress Gives Back, the plans can become reality, and will be a joyful blessing to the children this Christmas. “I am so grateful we’ve been able to make a real and practical difference with a combined donation of £1,000. As business owners, we work hard to reap the benefits; but we can also use our businesses for good.”

In the final words of Petro, “A thousand thank yous for caring. We’re planning to take the children on a number of excursions during the Christmas holidays. This donation from you is a massive blessing so we can make this happen. Thank you very, very much.”

Want to help too?
Herberg has a “sponsor a child” programme for anyone who wants to make regular donations to provide a child with an education, so they can rediscover life through school and university. This gives every child the best chance to lead the happy and successful lives they deserve. 

Or, you can purchase Thunderchild wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot) grown and produced on site to help fund the school. “The background of our children is characterised by dark and threatening clouds. Thunderchild accurately describes our children in the most beautiful way – they are nature’s wonders, who’ve fought through the most threatening and thundering clouds, to overcome the darkness with the light, beauty and power of an electrical storm, in such a manner we often stand amazed by their ability to shine brightly after darkness, trauma, hurt and longing. Our wine reflects them.”