With more people over 50 feeling pushed out of their workplace, you could re-discover yourself and redefine your future with an InXpress franchise. 


We know it’s not polite to ask people about their age, but if you’re over 50, let’s pause for a moment together. A report back in September stated there were over 1 million people in your age-group, who are out of work involuntarily. Nearly one in ten people, according to the International Longevity Centre think-tank, and finance firm Aviva’s ‘involuntarily workless’ survey.


The three main reasons cited for this are:

  • redundancy (overlooked for younger employees)
  • ill health (and not receiving support to stay in work) and,
  • being pushed into early retirement by their employers


This is leading to a skills shortage, in many sectors, on the one hand; and on the other, mental health concerns with people feeling like they’re wasting away. Because not only are perfectly capable workers being pushed out of their current employment, over 1/3 of people in this age-group are unable to find work, with employers favouring a younger workforce.


It’s time to re-write your future!

Within franchising, you can create a different ending to your career story, by investing in your own business. This gives you the control to decide how you’ll work, and who you’ll employ. According to the British Franchise Association’s Franchising Landscape Report in 2018, around 35% of all franchise owners were over 50. Showing there is a place for you within our sector. This is especially beneficial to women in this age-group, who are more at-risk of not finding the right role to suit their experience or skill set.


Here at InXpress, we also have several very successful business owners within this age bracket, who have combined their experience with our knowledge. They’ve invested in employing the right team around them – from Sales Staff to Admin Support – and work in their businesses in a way which perfectly matches what they bring to the table.


This includes owners who have expanded their business operations across multiple units. Owners who have brought in their family, as a means of having something to pass on to them. Owners who have chosen to see their business as an extra retirement fund which will give them peace of mind when they finally are ready to retire.


What would you choose?

With more people choosing to work past the official retirement age, why should you feel like you’re relegated to the bottom of the pile? With an InXpress franchise, you can be at the top of your game. Even if you’ve never worked in logistics before.


With almost 25 years of business experience behind us, we are committed to investing our time and resources into your success. We’ll give you full training on what is needed to run a successful InXpress business, and like some of our top franchisees, your business could earn millions in revenue.


We’ll also make sure you never feel alone in your business journey, which is especially valuable if you’ve never actually run a business before. Our Business Coaches, franchisee network, and a franchisee mentor will all be beside you as your take control of your future. With InXpress, you’ll ever be held back by your age, and you’ll find people just like you, enjoying a second wind in life.


Stop waiting; take control today!

So, why wait? Why wait until you’re pushed out of your current role? Why wait for another employer to reject you because you’re older than other applicants? Today is a good day to choose you and invest in your future.


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