When Fay was recommended by speech therapists to attend Sounds Right Phonics Classes she had no idea that they would end up changing her family’s life forever!

Fay’s little boy George was referred to an ENT consultant just before his 2nd birthday due to severe speech day. Whilst George was a chatterbox in his own language, he had no real words and was unable to formulate sounds or build up words.

Fay said, ‘I was really frustrated and didn’t know what to do, I could see how annoyed George was not being able to communicate and I knew I had to do something to help him. That’s when I found Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids.

After being advised by the health visitor that the wait for speech and language assessment could be 12 months, Fay knew she couldn’t wait that long. Fay says, ‘I came across Sounds Right Phonics classes for Kids and at this point I was willing to try anything. We walked in and Jenna (who teaches the classes) gave me such a warm welcome and made me feel at ease. George sat there, not sure of what to make of it all and when the class started and Jenna announced that they were working on ‘ffff’ my heart sank as I knew George couldn’t make that sound. Before we knew it, we were up dancing and George was so engaged, playing musical instruments and going on a frog hunt. We enjoyed the 45 minute session and I was so pleased that George had enjoyed himself.’

But the real miracle happened a couple of days after the session, Fay and George were at home when George ran up to Fay with a toy frog and said ‘fffffffffff’ Fay couldn’t believe it, George had taken it all in and was now replaying it at home.

They have now been attending Sounds Right Phonics for over a year and George’s speech has gone from strength to strength and although he isn’t forming full words, the classes have given George the skills and confidence needed to attempt sounds and he has been much happier as a result.

James Moore, George’s dad says, ‘I didn’t really think George would take to a phonics class. How wrong was I! I have loved listening as he tells us what he has done each week and he absolutely loves it!’

Fay says; ‘George isn’t the typical child who attends these classes, but I can only sing the praises of them. There are lots of children’s classes that run each week but I can honestly say the one I recommend to any parent that will listen to me is Sounds Right Phonics. And I can’t give any higher recommendation then becoming part of the team myself!”’

Fay has enjoyed the classes so much that she has now decided to launch a Sounds Right Phonics franchise herself, to help children in Tamworth and Lichfield. James says; ‘I am so proud of Fay taking this step and becoming a business owner. Fay has been such a great child and youth leader in the past, and I know she will bring her enthusiasm and fun to every class.’

If you are interested in finding our more information about our Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids that run in South Staffordshire, check out our website www.soundsrightphonicsclasses.co.ukor email team@soundsrightphonicsclasses.co.uk