Apollo Care

Who are we?

Apollo Care is a boutique home care service based in the UK, designed to give vulnerable adults ongoing, high-quality care in their homes, where they feel most comfortable.

Our team of managers, caregivers, and other professionals are passionate about what they do because they know how much quality care means to our clients, who we aim to provide with the enriching, empowering care they need—all while keeping their interests at heart.

We focus on excellence, punctuality and individualisation and our experienced team regularly reviews their clients’ care plans to ensure everyone gets the quality and ongoing support they deserve.

All care staff are hired directly by us. We only recruit the best in the profession to ensure that our high standards and outstanding reputation are never compromised. This allows us to offer consistent quality service and personal packages with confidence.

Apollo Care is owned and managed by Cheryl, a qualified Nurse who began her Health and Social care career at the early age of 14. We are committed to our dedicated team of staff who enable us to provide the outstanding care services that our clients receive.

Why Franchise with us?

Apollo Care has its values at the heart of everything we do. But what does that mean and why choose us?

  • Apollo cares! We care for everybody who comes into contact with Apollo Care. 
  • We inspire our clients, staff and teams to be the very best version of themselves.
  • We empower people to take control of their lives & create the life they want to live.
  • Support comes in many different forms and we have them covered!

To us, home care is not just about care. It’s about caring. Our success and growth are directly attributable to the extra lengths we go to to ensure our clients get the care they really deserve.

We believe that caring is all about listening, understanding, and meeting individual needs. At Apollo, we excel at all three. Our staff are trained to treat all our clients with the same respect and care, which helps us deliver the best experience for everyone. 

We promise not to provide 15 minutes of care to clients who need 60. We don’t cut care time to compensate for staff travel between clients and we don’t provide unrealistic expectations. We take the time to listen to our clients’ individual needs, treating them as human beings instead of tasks on a to-do list.

Our Promise

“All for one and one for all” is a phrase that is especially relevant to the Apollo partner network.

Our promise to our Franchisees is that we will only recruit the best newcomers to the network so that we can ensure that our high standards and outstanding reputation are never compromised.

Our selection process is rigorous and we evaluate any prospective franchisee on a number of forward-looking criteria that match the high standards set by our current franchise.

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