Atlas Mapping

Atlas Mapping utilise geographic data to help franchises expand into new territory and extract more value from existing trade areas. By recognising the real problems facing franchises of all sizes, we’ve developed market-leading, innovative solutions that provide genuine benefits to our clients.

Our pioneering solutions are driven by thoroughly understanding our clients’ requirements and listening carefully to the feedback given at all stages of our projects. By constantly learning from each project and evolving our offering we ensure that you are provided with the best service possible. It is our aim to bring our world class territory mapping services to all developed franchise markets.

Alongside the quality of our work, we believe that the true value of a project can only be extracted with the same dedication applied to our communication with customers. We are passionate about providing the highest levels of customer care and support achievable. The greatest feedback gained from our clients is the professionalism with which we conduct ourselves and that there is never a hesitation in contacting us to discuss a problem regardless of how big or small.