Chantry Group

The Chantry Group provides franchise marketing, franchisee recruitment and franchise resales services, delivered by a team of QFPs and always tailored to individual business needs. We’ve been supporting franchisors and their franchisees since 2007.We love what we do. We’re passionate about great service, integrity, honesty, and maximising results for your budget. Whether you’re already an international powerhouse or you’re new to the sector and looking to make a splash, we’d love to have a chat and understand your goals.

Our services start with you: we take the time to truly understand your business and objectives, and support you to achieve them according to your budget. From game plan to Google and from filtering to final interview, we can help you attract and engage the people you want and need in your network. We use an evidence-based approach, combining our knowhow and experience with yours – because the best results come from pooling our strengths. Our marketing services include messaging and strategy, print and digital, PPC and websites… everything you need to generate a buzz for your business. Professional lead handling can cover anything from simply filtering out the diamonds from the coal ready for you to speak with, or a comprehensive service from phone call to signature. Our franchise resales service takes franchisees from preparation to promotion and valuation through to negotiation and sale.