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Start a lucrative and rewarding business offering business Coaching and Consulting services to the many millions of small to medium sized clients across the UK and beyond.  We will train you on how to work effectively in this highly profitable marketplace and our franchises are available from just £27,950. 

Enhanced Support Program and Head Office Leads to Push You in the Right Direction 

We know that starting your own business can be daunting and that’s why we now offer an inclusive marketing campaign to get you started, which will give you appointments and leads to work on shortly after you join us.  In addition, our inclusive Enhanced Support Program will partner you with an experienced Business Coach of many years experience, to work alongside you with an intensive program of activities for the first 3 months to help you on your way, with ongoing support to follow in perpetuity.

The demand for our services is huge and ongoing

With more than 5 million small to medium businesses in the UK, the demand for our services is huge.  Furthermore, most new businesses fail in the first few years, therefore the requirement for a business Coach to help steer these businesses to success is greater than ever.

New franchisees are joining a community of business professionals who will be able to share their experiences and thoughts on how they are using the Chrysalis Partners models and strategies to best effect with their clients.  With regular group meetings we encourage you to work together and share successes to broaden your knowledge base and leverage one another’s strengths. 

Chrysalis Partners is using the very latest Coaching and Consulting systems and models to enable our franchisees to work with clients of all sizes, unlike many of our competitors.  What this means to you is attracting and winning new clients becomes far simpler and offers you great diversity in the clients you choose to work with. 

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