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Supercharge your franchise with Franchise Mastermind!

Franchise Mastermind is an online community designed to give franchisors a platform to share their ideas and best practice for franchise recruitment. Through Mastermind, we have created a forum through which franchisors, both large and small, can share their advice with each other and gain expert advice from suppliers and affiliates in the franchise industry.

With over a decade of experience in the franchise industry, we have helped franchisors grow their networks and recruit their perfect franchisees – all through our strategic marketing techniques. We know how to create marketing strategies that effectively target and convert prospective franchisees and we want to share our advice and knowledge with you too!

Franchise Mastermind is the first forum of its kind in the franchise industry and we have developed a unique system to give franchisors the advice and guidance essential for success and network growth. There is no wrong or right answer when it comes to franchise recruitment or network satisfaction but others in the industry can often give a different perspective or another way of looking at things. Share your thoughts on anything from gaining those all-important leads to supporting your franchisees throughout the lifetime of their businesses and you pick up lots of hints and tips along the way!

 “The Coconut Mastermind group is an awesome bank of knowledge and experience that every start-up and growing franchise should be part of. The expertise from the Coconut team is amazing, and the hands on experience (good and bad!!) from other members of the group is invaluable,” Kate Chastey, The Passionate PA


EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR EWIF MEMBERS:  FREE membership for franchisors!

If you are a franchisor member of EWIF you can gain access to our Franchise Mastermind Group for FREE (usual price £27.50/mth).

To take advantage of our offer or to find out more about our Franchise Mastermind Group, contact Adam Lovelock:

Telephone number: 01725 511 673



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