Daisy First Aid

Daisy First Aid provides fun, friendly and fear-free first aid classes for parents and carers.

As an experienced first aided I started my business to support my family whilst taking a break from being a police officer. I realised very quickly that I had stumbled across my perfect work/life balance. I could have a successful career that I absolutely loved, which was flexible around my family life and gave me a feel-good buzz knowing my training could save a child’s life. I knew then that I wanted to replicate my business model to give others the same opportunity.

After a year of running classes and testing the franchise system I launched my franchise business.

I am thrilled that I know have an amazing team of trainers who are just as passionate about Daisy First Aid as me. We are a very close supportive team despite our various locations.

Our parent classes are 2 hours, held in homes or local venues, it is pregnancy safe, babies and breastfeeding is welcome and we run classes 7 days a week including evenings. The classes are hugely popular with NCT groups as well as extended family and friends who care for the child.

Jenni Dunman – Franchisor of Daisy First Aid Ltd