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Hi! I’m Jo Middleton, women’s franchise coach and founder of Franchise Business School.

I have won multiple prestigious franchise awards, franchised my own business successfully and helped over a hundred franchisors to recruit more franchisees both in this country and abroad.

But my story hasn’t always been that peachy.

The first time I franchised a business I was a single Mum of 2. It was Tough (with a capital T). My money was the only money coming into the house to pay the bills and franchising was a massive, VERY EXPENSIVE gamble. There were so many things that I wish someone had told me before I committed tens of thousands of pounds. I learnt the hard way and made many mistakes along the way.

That’s why I am on a mission to make franchising easier and more accessible for female business owners in the UK.

My entire secret recipe for franchising your business and successfully growing your network of franchisees has been externally accredited and approved so that you can FAST TRACK your franchising journey.

Everything that I have learnt in my many years in the franchise industry is in my trainings.

Helping you to grow ethically in the franchise space is my jam. Once you’ve franchised, my franchisor membership is where you start to really SCALE your franchise beyond your wildest dreams.

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