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Groe Global is the home of modern international franchising. We help startup and established brands from around the world to scale nationally and internationally through our network of global franchise consultants. Our expertise ranges from children’s concepts through to luxury fashion and retail. Our services range from brokerage to specialist social media and PR. A true 360°, close support service.

Although the principles of franchising have remained largely unchanged, The franchising landscape has changed. The way franchises are built has changed. The way franchisees are supported has changed. How technology drives growth has changed and Groe Global has assembled a group of some of the most exciting franchise experts from around the world to help our clients build future-proof concepts that are always 3 steps ahead of their competitors.We work directly with our clients to build robust foundations, enabling them to scale rapidly and avoid any unexpected obstructions as many fast-growing companies do. Groe Global’s success is directly determined by our clients’ success, therefore you can trust that our team is fully committed to you every step of the way.

Our Services Franchise Brokerage
Marketing for franchisees can be an expensive, time consuming exercise that will typically result in under 3 in 100 leads turning into a franchisee Groe Global is one of the only franchise brokerages in the UK to offer a true US style ‘no win, no fee’ brokerage service where we will advertise for candidates, vet them for suitability, educate them on your brand and then hand them over to you for selection… all without you paying a penny. You will only be charged a commission if the candidate is successfully selected to join your franchise. Our rates are very competitive.

The Franchising Academy
In collaboration with D&T Accounting and Coconut, Groe Global has launched the worlds first international Franchising Academy with branches in the United Kingdom, United States and South Africa. Our training systems have been put together by some of the worlds leading franchise training specialists and will offer Franchisors and their HQ staff an ability to always ‘be ahead of their competition’ by utilizing the ‘global best practice’ to help them innovate and dominate.

Franchise Incubator
In many cases, businesses are not quite ready for franchising. They need a slower, more structured progression into the franchising arena. The Franchise Incubator by Groe is designed to take brands through a nine-month intensive training programme. This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you will needed to franchise your business and be a well-prepared franchisor. 

Groe Local
When it comes to expanding your business nationally, franchising is a very powerful strategy. We can help small companies rapidly expand their footprint by providing them with an end-to-end development and support package that is unequalled in the market.Groe Global
We help international businesses expand their global reach by assisting them scaling internationally. We help Franchise Brands have a ‘soft landing’ by recruiting and vetting potential Master Franchisees, internationalising the model, and monitoring the growth of the brand in the new territory. Our unique approach supports the Franchisor and Master Franchisee at this critical stage.  

Groe Social
Finding a social media agency that understands franchising is incredibly rare. The relationship and the dynamic between Franchisor and Franchisee always play a part in the success of social media campaigns. Therefore we are one of the fastest growing social media agencies in franchising today. Our social media software is the single most advanced multi-location marketing software in the industry. This fully managed service covers reputation management, automatic local marketing, and SEO for franchise locations all through the use of world-leading AI technology. We can drive hyper-local SEO and centrally manage all Google My Business listing across entire franchise networks. This is a true game changer! 

Groe PR
PR is an extremely effective tool when it comes to marketing franchised brands, but finding an agency that truly understands franchising, the marketing required for Franchise Recruitment, as well as what it takes to roll out local PR is almost impossible… Until now!


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