Growth County OFFER

Sue Moore an experienced franchisor, franchisee and board level franchise director will provide up to 20 minutes of content for your ‘virtual event’ free of charge as a guest speaker.  

Are you looking for contributors or guest speakers for your podcast or virtual franchise conference?   

Sue Moore is the founder of Growth County.  “I am truly passionate about franchising, the unique opportunities it presents and, in particular the way in which, ‘the numbers’ give a commercial advantage not available to business owners outside franchising”.   Having enjoyed great success in franchising undertaking many roles including Franchise Manager, Franchise Director and Managing Director together with launching my own franchise, I have some great experiences to share.

I can provide a pre recorded 10-20 minute presentation on your chosen topic for your conference or

join you on a panel or podcast to discuss the way in which sharing numbers gives each franchisee a competitive advantage which should not be missed.    I am equally happy to join discussions on how we can encourage young people to join the franchise industry and ways in which we can build out a franchise support team to facilitate a maturing/expanding network.   I may be available for ‘live’ events which are conducted virtually subject but my diary is generally booked in advance as a busy franchise professional working with global brands.   Please connect and make contact via Linked In, it will be my pleasure to have a quick chat and find out if/how I can add value to your event.

Telephone:            07758-167321

Email:                     Please message me via Linked In, it’s the fastest way to reach me

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