For a business like McDonald’s, franchising is an integral part of the overall strategy and it continues to grow its business through its strongest franchisees as well as constantly looking for new recruits.

The recruitment process is rigorous and the interviews and on-the-job evaluation processes takes place over a number of months including a nine-month unpaid restaurant based training programme before the franchisees are up and running. However, it’s important for both parties to make sure that they are entering into the right partnership, hence this thorough approach to recruitment.

In return, McDonald’s provides a training programme and on-going support network that is industry leading.

Each  McDonald’s franchisee has continuous support from a team of dedicated company employees, as well as established relationships with head office staff and suppliers for additional support wherever necessary.

A specific franchisee consultant is always on hand to provide help and advice, visiting the restaurant on a regular basis and assisting the franchisee in optimising restaurant sales and profits. They can help with everything from seeking permission for renovating a restaurant or extending opening hours, to stakeholder engagement and local networking.

They also ensure each franchisee is updated with the latest developments within the McDonald’s system and means there is never a situation whereby brand values are compromised. Ultimately, the company wants the franchisee to succeed and it offers the best possible support to make sure this is the case.

McDonald’s consults with its franchisee community, runs trials with them and often relies heavily on them to support their most progressive new business moves.

Whilst it is the company management team that sets the overall strategy, McDonald’s franchisees play an integral role within the strategic thinking and are involved in the planning process right from the word go.

All McDonald’s franchisees pay a percentage of their sales into the marketing fund each year therefore it is only right that they sit on each of the company’s main business working groups.  Franchisees are frequently consulted by the McDonald’s Executive Team who spend time out on the road working alongside them to develop company plans.

Meet McDonald’s franchisee Jane Blackwell…

After working with the police force for nine years, Jane Blackwell decided it was time to move on. Having caught the bug for business Jane knew what she wanted her next venture to be. Retail was a ‘real community hub’ and she knew that she wanted this to be replicated in her next career move.

Having visited McDonalds regularly with her children, Jane knew McDonalds well and had already established her trust in the brand.

After carrying out thorough research Jane knew that a McDonalds franchise was within her financial reach and it ticked all the boxes.

McDonalds have tried-and-tested systems that have delivered great success throughout the years, and Jane is one of many franchisees that has benefited from that support.

On a community business, Jane says…

“McDonald’s is very community oriented and I’m encouraged to get involved. I’m also a mother and I’m part of the community – I want to get involved. The fact that I can with the support of such a large brand is a lovely feeling.”