Joanna is a Senior Relationship Manager within RBS/Natwest Commercial Team. She has been with RBS since 1989 and has specific expertise in customer relationships. This has suited her well in the provision of all banking products to owner managed businesses particularly to franchise operations.
She manages all aspects of the relationships from the range of all RBS products including lending/deposits/money transmission and electronic banking to name but a few.

She is a qualified banker who has a number of successful franchisees in her portfolio and is strongly supported by the franchise Team.

The number of women entrepreneurs is growing as statistics show that over the years more and more women are choosing to start up in business, which is good news for the economy and great news for the world of franchising. The additional support and the number of different business models within the franchise sector make it an attractive proposition, especially for those who are returning to the workplace following a career break.

However in Britain the number of women entrepreneurs lags behind the number of male entrepreneurs. By supporting the Women in Franchising initiative, NatWest is looking to help more women to start up and grow their franchise businesses.  Recent research would suggest that women have a more positive outlook for business prospects than men as illustrated below –

Female entrepreneurs predict £12 billion growth in turnover over next five years.

  1. 88% of women predict business growth over next five years, compared to 74% of men.
  2. Women’s lack of awareness around financial support could be their biggest barrier to future growth – 74% of men understand services available compared with 48% of women.
  3. Women are more likely to work to a business plan versus men (55% compared with 34%).
  4. The younger entrepreneurs are more inclined to take the risks required to grow their business – 37% of under 25s were willing to ‘take risks for maximum growth’.
  5. Source: everywoman and NatWest research 2008
  6. Research also reveals that there are three critical success factors for women – be they start ups or established businesses –
  • appropriate finance
  • mentoring
  • access to like-minded individuals

With dedicated franchise managers NatWest is able to provide the appropriate type and level of finance and with Managers like Jo Margus working alongside our specialist women in business team across the UK are also able to provide the mentoring support and access to like minded individuals.  Jo said “I’ve have been involved in the franchise sector for over 5 years now supporting customers in a number of different franchise businesses.  There are some real benefits in setting up as a franchise as you can expect to get a good level of support from your franchisor and other franchisees in the franchise system that you choose.  There is also a strong network of women professionals involved in franchising who can provide advice”.

Jo can be contacted on 01483 739553 and email

David Williams can be contacted on 07770 733376 ane email

NatWest is the leading bank in Franchising supporting more franchised businesses than any other bank.
To find out more about how NatWest can help you contact the franchise team on 0800 092 9117.
NatWest is proud to sponsor the everywoman awards, highlighting the successes of female entrepreneurs and their increasing contribution to the UK economy”.
For more information on the awards and the annual everywoman conference visit