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Pink Spaghetti’s Virtual Assistants understand and support small businesses, tailoring assistance to meet their specific needs and goals, providing everything small businesses require to reach their potential.

As a proven franchise model, Pink Spaghetti has transformed many employees into successful business owners over the past decade. With 50 thriving franchises nationwide, we offer virtual assistant services to clients. Our model offers a framework and guidance for capable individuals to turn their skills into thriving businesses that align with their lifestyles.

Our “business in a box” approach facilitates a hassle-free setup, while comprehensive and ongoing training fills any knowledge gaps and keeps franchisees ahead. Operating on a non-competing basis, our network collaborates through a digital platform, enabling shared knowledge, resources, and support. This fosters growth at both the individual and network levels.

To ensure high standards, we maintain a meticulous screening process. We understand that not everyone is suited to be a Pink Spaghetti success, and we only welcome those who possess the necessary qualities.

Our training and mentorship program recognises the combined power of franchisees’ skills, knowledge, and work ethic. We help shape these assets into desirable businesses that support their lifestyles. Our initial training focuses on addressing knowledge gaps, establishing infrastructure, building confidence, and leveraging the Pink Spaghetti network. We continue to support franchisees throughout their journey, equipping them with the skills and guidance needed for success, from establishing a client base to setting goals and developing growth strategies.

At Pink Spaghetti, we believe in succeeding together.  To find out more please email to receive a prospectus.

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