Platinum Wave

The truth is, building a successful franchise brand is incredibly hard work. Keeping a network of franchisees on track who are at different stages, in various locations and with a variety of ability levels, is arguably, even harder. The thing is though, as a franchisor you don’t get any extra points for doing it all by yourself – sometimes the best thing you can do is ask for help. After all, that’s what we teach our franchisees “if you don’t know something or are struggling with anything, please just ask and we’ll help you before it becomes a problem”.

Platinum Wave Franchising was founded by Suzie McCafferty back in 2010 to do just that – help people in franchising to get the very best out of their businesses. Suzie’s credentials at the time included building her own international retail franchise and running a £30m turnover national recruitment agency franchise, so her 18 years in the industry gives her consultancy an authenticity that’s hard to beat!

Today, Platinum Wave is a formidable team of 8 offering a range of personalised services to franchisors who want to get their businesses, and people, to the next stage and the next…

  • Want to turn your business into an attractive franchise proposition built for long term success?
  • Want to have better on and offline marketing than your competitors?
  • Want to ensure you recruit and retain the very best franchisees?
  • Want to help your franchisees grow throughout their time with you?
  • Want to find superstar head office and field based employees to help you support your franchisees?
  • Want to take your franchise to exciting new international markets?


Whilst most of the PW team lives in Scotland, we work on projects all over the world, so wherever you’re based in the UK, you can consider us right on your doorstep!