Mystery Shopping – The Busy Queen Bee

Measuring the service when you only have one Franchisee is manageable, measuring the service and the quality control, the brand management when you have 2 or 200 Franchisees is another story… Mystery shopping is the key to keep you, the Franchisor, informed on your brand standard.

Because ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’. Your Brand is probably the most important part of your Franchise, the reason why you started it, how you wanted customers to be served and that every processes are being followed.

By evaluating, measuring and reporting of your Franchise Operating Guidelines using a specially trained agents acting as if they were customers, you can trust us to receive an insightful audit of your Franchisees’ service delivery.

Consistency is key to successful Franchises, the mystery shopping programme will help you identify gaps, improved customer service, compliance to brand standards, ultimately increase profitability. Repeat business is a key profit-maker by saving on unnecessary expenditure such as advertising.

Mystery Shopping:

  • will ensure that everything is running according to the company’s marketing and operations strategy
  • delivers a cost-effective method of monitoring your customer service standards
  • is an efficient way of identifying staff in need of further training
  • produces a regular summary of strengths and weaknesses which can become your action plan
  • an effective deterrent against dishonesty, poor service or bad practice
  • is a way of identifying retail outlets which are under-performing
  • should be used as part of employees’ yearly appraisal
  • will increase employees’ wellbeing by celebrating success

Mystery shopping is crucial to your Franchise operation.

Contact us to create your bespoke programme, as a EWIF member you will received 20% discount.