The Property Mentor

The Property Mentor (TPM) is a leading coaching and mentoring service for clients, who want to learn how to maximise their potential in the property market and how to be outstanding when it comes to property investing. The Property Mentor also shows clients how to fast track their way onto the property ladder.

The Property Mentor teaches clients:

  • How to invest in property
  • The best way to secure funding
  • How to secure a deal with just a few hundred pounds
  • How to grow your property portfolio quickly
  • How to attract motivated sellers
  • How to deal with the paperwork
  • The best type of property to buy
  • How to find an investor

The question you might be asking yourself as you are reading this is…

 Why do I need the services of a Coach and Mentor?

 The answer is simple…

So many people think they can invest in property themselves and feel that they don’t need additional advice. Consider most of the worlds successful people, they fast track to where they want to go by getting a coach or mentor because they understand that the time they save when learning from an expert far outweighs any cost incurred.

If you are serious about taking control of your financial future, but want guidance in determining a strategy and setting your goals, or need someone to push you along, hold you accountable, and ensure you are moving in the right direction,  towards achieving your goals and targets… then one to one coaching or mentoring, or one of our other information products or packages may be for you.

Why not take a look around our website, to…

  • Take advantage of a ‘FREE’ Coaching Call with one of our expert coach and mentors,
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  • Explore the range of services and products available,
  • Find out more information about The Property Mentor (TPM) Property Network Meetings, where you can meet, gain support from, and learn from the experiences of like-minded people,
  • Listen to some of the reviews and see the difference we have made…


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