The Cat Butler

 The Cat Butler provides feline customers with consistent and reliable care in the comfort and security of their own homes when their humans are away.

The business we set up by Sandra James in 2015 in recognition of the fact that a stay in a cattery can be upsetting and unsettling for many cats and their owners.

Our clients use our services while they are on holiday, travelling, or away for the day. As well as caring for cats, we also offer a complimentary home care and security service, giving owners peace of mind that their home is also looked after while they’re away.

Today, The Cat Butler cares for thousands of cats across the UK, with services delivered by a network of vetted, trained and fully insured professionals.


The Cat Butler Franchise offers cat lovers an opportunity to be their own boss and run a profitable and sustainable cat sitting business in their local area under an established and premier brand.

  • Join a growing and reputable national cat sitting brand.
  • Enjoy a flexible work-life balance, running your own profitable business in your area.
  • With low start-up costs and overheads, the ability to work from home and the high potential for repeat business and referrals, we give you everything you need to grow your business year after year.
  • Become a cat expert, just like us, with full training and support.

We offer value for money and a service that cat owners (and their cats!) can rely on, and that’s why, as a business, we continue to grow. And let’s face it we love pets in the UK. It is estimated that one in every four adults own at least one cat – that’s over 11 million cats! The pet industry is thriving, and with so many cats, the opportunities for a Cat Butler franchisee are significant in every area.

If you are passionate about cats and would like to know more about how you can build a thriving business with The Cat Butler, please contact Sandra James on 07896 233754 or email

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