Since 2006, Xero has been helping franchise businesses take control of their finances.  A multi-award winning accountancy platform, Xero has a sleek user interface that makes handling finances a breeze.


One of Xero’s standout features is automation, saving you time by handling manual data entry. Think of automation as the brawn in your franchise businesses. When you use tools and features such as Hubdoc by Xero to do the heavy lifting, you free up time to focus on the bigger picture. 


Real-time insights with the Xero Dashboard is another perk, giving you an instant overview of your financial position.  


Our open API means that other apps can connect to Xero easily. Powered by our app partners, you can gain a complete overview of your franchise network, set KPIs, benchmarks, and even foster a little healthy competition between franchisees!


Staying on top of your numbers is an absolute must for any business. Elevate your accounting experience, stay in control, and propel your business forward with Xero.