Radfield Home Care has recently welcomed another new franchise partner into its ever-growing network, launching in Radfield’s Harlow, Epping & Ware territory.

 Stepping into the role of business owner and director is Ritesh Vyas.

Ritesh’s experience in care started from an early age having had a close relationship with his grand-parents and other eldery members of the extended family. As they got older he realised how important it is that the right support structure is there for older people, in order to help them live a full and vibrant life.

 He said:

 “I cared for them in many ways from helping in house-hold chores, taking them on days out, and just being there and remaining active in their lives.” 

Ritesh’s career background has mainly been in the financial services sector, which has given him a solid understanding of a structured approach from start to finish to achieve a common goal.

Speaking about his personal approach to business, Ritesh said:

I have worked in high profile deliverables with people from lots of different backgrounds, which has positioned me well in understanding how to meet the needs of different people, and understanding that everyone is unique.

Ritesh loves working with people from all walks of life, and has a passion for building an inclusive environment for everyone. Radfield Home Care was founded on the principle that supporting their care teams with welcoming and inclusive working environments is the only way to provide quality care; as exceptional care can only come from exceptional people. 

Ritesh’s inclusive approach will bring a lot of value to Radfield Home Care Harlow, Epping & Ware. He said:

My inspiration has been my passion for working with people, and wanting to be an integral part of the community offering support to those that need it.

Radfield’s franchisor and founder, Dr Hannah MacKechnie said:

“We are delighted to welcome Ritesh into the Radfield network. His personal  experience in caring for older members of his family, along with his professional experiences with people from all walks of life puts him in a strong position to establish a exceptional home care business in the Harlow, Epping & Ware areas.”

Ritesh and his team will be delivering high quality care services to older people within the Harlow, Epping & Ware areas. As the UK population is ageing and the majority of home care clients are over the age of 65, Radfield Home Care’s business model specialises in servicing a growing demand for quality care from older people within the private marketplace.

If you are inspired by Ritesh’s story, get in touch to see how we can help you too. Email franchise@radfieldhomecare.co.uk or call 01743 548 550. Alternatively, why not take our franchise test to see if we are the right fit for you?