Finding your place in life is one of the most exciting yet challenging milestones for children. We now know that the key to successfully transitioning into adulthood is often through boosting youngsters’ confidence.

Performing arts is an ideal environment where children can work on their self-esteem and belief in their own abilities. Classes can help them work out their place in the world and performance opportunities allow them to participate in a process where they can benefit from working as a team and enjoy the sense of pride when the performance comes together.

Razzamataz Theatre Schools offers classes in drama, dance and singing for children aged 2 to 18. As well as offering a diverse curriculum covering both the worlds of classic West End musical theatre and commercial pop and street dance, an important part of the classes is allowing children the space to discover more about themselves.

In order to celebrate this, Razzamataz will be kick-starting the New Year with a new marketing campaign incorporating some of the key messages from the company.

Razzamataz will be launching with ‘Create your best role.’ The message and meaning behind this is to show that no matter what your role is in life, be the best that you can be. This is true for performers but equally just as relevant for everyone from nurses to lawyers, to builders.

“Creating your best role is really about helping the students find their inner confidence,” says Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “One of the most rewarding parts of my job is to hear the feedback from parents about how coming to Razzamataz has made such a positive impact on their child’s life.”

There are numerous testimonials from both parents and students as these from Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield show: “My daughter has just finished her first year as a Mini, her confidence and concentration has grown lots and she has had lots of fun,” Shelly Rogers. “An absolute amazing environment to help children grow in confidence, learn new skills and thoroughly enjoy themselves,” Lisa Dodds.

Children have also recognised their own confidence growing as students explain: “We honestly are so grateful for everything you’ve taught us. Razzamataz has really made a big change in my life and has made it so much better,” Jodie Hall. “Thank you for everything you have done this year with the show, the Awards ceremony and the disco. My confidence has grown so much since I have been at Razzamataz,” Hannah Richards.

Learning these key life skills through performing arts is a very constructive way of helping youngsters discover what they want out of life. Being a part of a student’s life and having a positive impact is very rewarding for all the Razzamataz team.

All the Razzamataz schools offer a varied curriculum to create ‘triple threat performers’. During the singing, dancing and acting classes, the children are exposed to a range of genres from street dance and commercial singing through to more traditional West End musical theatre to make them rounded performers. Throughout the classes, the emphasis is on having fun and working as a team to teach valuable life skills that all students will benefit from.

If you want to find out more about becoming a franchisee of your own part-time Razzamataz Theatre School, make an appointment to come along to one of the regular but informal Discovery Den days in London, Glasgow or Sheffield to find out more about this exciting and flexible business opportunity. To book a place contact Head of Franchisee Recruitment Suzie McCafferty on or call Suzie on 07793 054 233. For more details visit:

About Razzamataz

Razzamataz Theatre Schools has been trading since 2000 with a strong, robust and proven franchise system for the last 11 years. Razzamataz remains one of the top five classic entrepreneurs from Dragons’ Den. Since the appearance on the BBC show in 2007, the company has forged strong partnerships with First Choice, Disney, The Stage, a leading Talent Agency, Her Majesty’s Theatre and new for 2017 Eurocamp.

Franchisees come from a range of backgrounds and are able to work flexibly around their lifestyles. Through a wide range of additional revenue streams, franchisees have been able to achieve a six-figure turnover. Razzamataz is delighted to be working with a new Business Management System for 2017.