Success is built on the shoulder of our failures!

Oh my days it’s #ALevelresults day!! How did you do?! Did you get what you wanted? Have you worked out what your next step is going to be? Uni may be a great option for some of you, but there are others of you who really can’t wait to get stuck into working, and carving out your path toward your #dreamjob!

Hey! Have you considered franchising as a fast-track way to owning your own business?! Future #GirlBoss! I know – it seems like it’s all about coffee shops and fast food restaurants, but trust us when we say there is more to franchising than this!!! Honestly!!

You are the #BossLady:

  • If you fancy yourself as a PA or management consultant – there’s a franchise for you!
  • If you like working with kids – there’s a franchise for you!
  • If you want to care for others – there’s a franchise for you!
  • If you thrive on the buzz of sealing that deal – there’s a franchise for you!
  • If you love being outside – there’s a franchise for you!

There are franchises across so many industries, you can definitely find something you like.

But what’s involved?
You will need an initial investment, but some franchises have special offers for under graduates like you and for graduates after university, and because you are going to be using a tried-and-tested method for starting up your own business, banks are more open to investing in you. Franchising is a win-win deal! You take on the brand, they’ve already established the market for you, and you build on what they give you with their training, and ongoing support. Oh! And you have loads of people around you who are also building their business with the franchise brand, and you become like one of the family. So you’re not alone!

Honestly!! There is sooooo much choice, open to you! Don’t write franchising off, contact us and ask us questions about how you can make franchising work for you, or check out our EWIF members, and see if anyone catches your attention. We would be happy to put you in touch for a chat with them.

Take the First Step:

Don’t let today define your career – make today the stepping stone toward your future dream job #likeagirl and see where it takes you! EWIF is here to show you how! Contact us!!