“Life now looks and feels very different; I’m very grateful to everyone who has supported me to achieve this.”

“I love franchising, and how it can transform the lives of so many people.”

EWiF Ambassador of the Year: Ruth Brown, Home Instead
As far as Ambassadors of franchising go, Ruth epitomises both a passion for franchising and a passion for helping others flourish.

A big part of our mission here at EWIF is to nurture a supportive community of like-minded people who can build each other up and inspire women to be a part of franchising. And few play a more important role than our EWiF Ambassadors. They champion our collective cause to educate, encourage and empower women in franchising, in a variety of ways, not least helping women find their true purpose through running their own business.

No wonder, then, that our Ambassador of the Year award is considered to be one of our top accolades. So, we were delighted to have awarded it, this year, to Ruth Brown, Chief Operating Officer of the Home Instead UK franchise.

As one of the UK’s largest and most innovative homecare franchises, Home Instead already has a reputation for working hard to empower its franchisees and the Care Professionals they employ, whilst delivering outstanding care to 16,000 clients too. Under Ruth’s leadership, the franchise network has grown from strength-to-strength. She’s been involved in recruiting and supporting over 300 individual franchisees, empowering women to start their own business, and educating people about franchising.

Ruth won this award in recognition of her highly respected status as a true champion of franchising, all her tireless work in uplifting others within her network, and all her positive collaborations with other franchisors. 

When asked how she felt about being selected as the winner, Ruth told us, “It’s amazing! I really wasn’t expecting it to be honest, as I was up against two very inspirational leaders in franchising.

“Over the last couple of years, my team and I have given our support to a number of franchisors who are earlier in their franchise journey and it’s perhaps this support that stood out.

“We want franchisors to learn from our experiences, similar to how other franchisors helped us. It’s a pay it forward situation”

And true to who she is, Ruth says the award is not just about her success. “This award is an achievement for Home Instead even though it has my name on it.  We all work hard to be the best and most ethical franchise and to set a good example for the industry. I hope this award demonstrates our passion for franchising and our passion for helping others flourish.”

We couldn’t be more proud to have you on our team, Ruth! Here’s to many more wonderful years working together.


Franchising offers all women the chance to ‘be their own boss’. Organisations like Encouraging Women into Franchising (EWiF) and The British Franchise Association (bfa) provide support to women wanting to enter franchising with services like EWiF’s volunteer mentors and the bfa’s free online Prospect Franchisee Certificate.