Scamps & Champs Welcome Another Pet Lover!

Scamps & Champs have just welcomed a brand new franchisee to their network. Alison will be operating her franchise in Macclesfield and is looking forward to getting started on 1st October! Alison has spent her whole working life in the tax profession but, after nearly 20 years, she decided that she wanted a better lifestyle and to pursue her dream.

With a serious passion for animals and as a pet owner herself, Alison had wanted to run her own pet care business for a number of years. However, she couldn’t see an easy transition, until she found Scamps & Champs! The Scamps & Champs franchise network has given her the confidence and the flexibility to build a business before having to give up her existing job.

“I had seriously thought about starting up a pet business on my own and, as preparation, I started doing a Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Home Boarding course with the Animal Care College, which I have now successfully completed. Even before I decided I wanted to run my own pet sitting business I studies other courses with the same college, obtaining certificates in Feline First Aid and Feline Psychology just because I wanted to know more about animals and to give my cat the best care possible. That’s how passionate I am about animal care. When I did decide that I wanted to run my own pet care business I realised that I wouldn’t have a problem with setting up systems and running it, as I’ve always been a very organised person, but my main concern was actually getting the business off the ground and getting customers in order to be able to make a living from it. I wasn’t sure how to manage the transition without putting myself into financial difficulty. I thought it was always destined to be just a pipe dream!” explains Alison.

“Scamps & Champs gave me the opportunity to start something part-time, alongside my existing job so that I can continue to bring in a wage whilst still building my business. Scamps & Champs provided me with absolutely essential support in sales and advertising as well as the business model itself so I started to see how my business could become a reality,” adds Alison.

“I have a real passion for animals and running a Scamps & Champs franchise is just another way for me to get more of them in my life! I have my own cat and I know what it’s like to leave pets in someone else’s care when you go on holiday so I loved the Scamps & Champs ethos of treating every pet as if they were your own. This business will give me a much better working life and more enjoyment,” concludes Alison.

Scamps & Champs provide a wide range of pet services to the local community. From dog walking to home boarding and pet sitting, our franchisees provide flexible or occasional services to suit each customer’s needs. Their franchise can provide a full-time or part-time income depending on your own goals and desires, whether you want to take on the work yourself or employ a full team to help you scale the business up and become even more profitable. Scamps & Champs is a business that will fit around your lifestyle to help you achieve a better work-life balance whilst building a career you can enjoy.

“I’m really looking forward to having Alison on board within our network. Like all our other franchisees, she’s mad about animals too! This is an essential part of running a Scamps & Champs business! We can teach you how to run and build a successful business but, you’re going to be spending all day every day with animals so you really need to enjoy it,” adds Lesley Regan, Founder of Scamps & Champs.

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