Hannah said, of winning ‘Young Woman in Franchising of the Year 2018’, “To be recognised for my achievements by winning in a room full of so many other incredible business Women was amazing, I’m honoured.” A truly remarkable achievement for someone so young, Hannah is gracious and continually ambitious, even in her acceptance of the award, “I think I won because I put my heart and soul into my company and truly care about what we do and use my success and my company as a platform to improve and contribute to society. I put this same passion that I put into my daily working life into writing my application and I think I probably won the award as I was able to transcend all of this onto paper well.”

She has implemented several initiatives into her business:  to consider applications for care work from people who have a criminal record.  She has always had a keen interest in psychology (she is currently studying for a Psychology degree) and the justice system and has been inspired by the number of carers who have come to work for us who often had criminal records which are usually because of domestic abuse/domestic use of drugs etc.

She has instigated a two-way referral system with a local Women’s refuge –referring women to them for help and interviewing women from the refuge who are ready to get back into work, as potential staff, which has proved to be a successful, additional recruitment route.