Jane is tirelessly pioneering for regulation in the children’s activities sector. The Children’s Activity Association gives parents, schools and local authorities peace of mind. She started in Blackburn in 2007 and over 10 years have received so many accolades and awards, but this is one of the most important. It is recognition of how compliant you are, how much you put the child first, their individual needs and development and have policies and procedures in place to protect everyone within the organisation. Jane’s dedication to putting the children first is evident through winning this award, “I am driven to ensure that every child nationally has an opportunity to excel, build their confidence, self-esteem and nurture their talents paying attention to key life skills too: the art of presentation skills, eye contact, posture, teamwork, respect, preparation to name but a few.”

Jane’s reaction to receiving her award reflected her passion and dedication to her work, “A fellow franchisor took a film of me winning and it is unbelievable to watch it back. I was physically shaking and so shocked! I was completely overwhelmed and emotional. I cannot believe that I have won this award.”