Louise was surprised to walk away with a ‘Special Recognition Award’ and this year’s EWIF Awards. “It was a simply awesome feeling. I was so delighted to have been given this special award. Simply: Wow.”

She also raised £579 at a Macmillan Coffee Morning in her new town and she is planning to better this next year! Charity work is key to her core values and her adoption of the Katie Haines Memorial Trust (in support of Carbon Monoxide Awareness) by the business has meant significantly increased exposure for this killer.

This award was particularly special to Louise as it highlighted not only her business and profession achievements but of her accomplishments as a business woman and a dedicated member of the franchise industry. “This one was really for me and the impact on me is a sense of, ‘phew, I did good’ because often as a business owner no-one is giving you that feedback. The bottom line is all there is to tell you if you did OK and this is just the cherry on the icing on the cake!”

Louise continues to provide full support to her franchisees who rated her so highly she was a finalist in the 2017 Best Franchise Awards, Man in Van Category –and her business was rated 54thin the UK by Elite Franchise Magazine.