Trustist – A Customer Focused Review Platform

We are so proud to be partnering with EWiF in 2022, as their mission is extremely important to us as a business and to the clients we work with. Throughout years of working within the franchise industry, we’ve seen how the work EWiF does has created a more positive and inclusive standard within the sector. The support they offer for women who are looking to get involved in the sector is unparalleled, and their events are always a joy to attend.

Why Online Reviews Matter

Online reviews are important for all local businesses. When potential customers are researching a business, they often turn to sites like Google, and Facebook. Seeing an abundance of positive reviews can be the deciding factor when looking for a new place to eat or shop at. Conversely, if a business has negative reviews, this will discourage consumers from making a purchase there.

Reviews on multiple platforms matter because Google ranks each site separately based on the quality of their content (in other words, a review site isn’t going to help your rankings if you don’t have reviews on there). By getting your customers to write about their experience at your business across various platforms you can increase visibility and overall trustworthiness online which can then be aggregated into one entire brand rating funneled into location ratings showing the global rating of your business online.

Making Online Reviews Simple

Trustist helps businesses collect, display, and manage their online reviews. We do this by providing a unique review link used to collect reviews from customers, as well as custom QR codes that can be printed on business cards or marketing materials.

The Trustist platform includes these main features:

  • Stars in organic Google search results against your website pages.
  • Aggregation of all of your reviews/ratings across the entire web.
  • Auto posting of your best reviews to social media every day.
  • Easy review collection methods with unique review links and QR codes.
  • A review management dashboard to see your global star rating for your brand and locations.
  • An onboarding process to ensure new clients quickly get started and understand the process, from day one!
  • A customer service team is always available to answer questions, give tips and provide help materials like our ‘How To’ guides.

Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

Here’s what Kevin Martin, former Online Director at Timpson Group, had to say in a review about how Trustist help Timpson Group.

“Trustist provide the Timpson Group with a superb reviews platform that gives us so many benefits from insights to help improve our customer service through to improved SEO and increased footfall. Highly recommend.”

And with over 300 customer reviews, we’re clearly doing something right! Our most recent verified customer reviews include:

  • “Trustist are brilliant and always on hand to help.
  • “We have used Trustist for a number of years and don’t hesitate to recommend them. It’s a fantastic way to bring your reviews together, it also makes it easy for your clients to leave a review as they don’t need to log into a Google or Facebook account. Not only that the Trustist team are helpful if you have any questions.
  • “We have used other big name review platforms in the past but Trustist has developed a product that is really a much more intelligent and integrated than its peer group. This helps our company highlight its significant customer service delivery by automatically publishing posts on other platforms. Great product.
  • “Thank you so much for being absolutely brilliant in every way. The service you offer has made a real difference to my business and allowing us to stand out to potential customers. I can’t recommend you guys strongly enough.”

This can all be done for your business as well, just get in touch with us by calling 01904 217140 or book a free demonstration here –