As small firms rush to protect their businesses in the lockdown, a professional online presence could be the difference between a business sinking or swimming. Local itseeze web consultants are helping local businesses with advice and tools to keep businesses going.

Small businesses recognise the need to create or update websites and to add online shopping capabilities as social isolation, increased home working and outlet closures mean a massive increase in people ordering, buying and interacting with businesses online.

Local itseeze consultants have the expertise to help get the vital changes in place.


Why small businesses need help fast 

Many SME owners lack the time or know-how to create a website. 


Others assume a bespoke website is very expensive. But a bespoke itseeze website that helps their business beat the competition, can be created for just a few hundred pounds – a small investment to keep a business up and running. See 


Those who already have a site may be daunted by adding an online shopping capability.

Whatever the problem local itseeze consultants have solutions!


“It’s a good move for all SMEs to ramp up their marketing now and if possible, swap from face-to-face to online trading,” says Steve Axtell, itseeze consultant for Northampton and Bedford.

Ways for businesses to communicate with customers and market their business offerings include: 

  • Creating a website that attracts more customers 
  • Adding an online ordering and shopping facility 
  • Editing the site to add new services such as home delivery 
  • Offering online appointments or seminars 
  • Adding a blog to keep customers updated and engaged 
  • Starting a social media marketing campaign to drive business on to the site 
  • Adding video conferencing and online meeting tools 

itseeze consultants can provide help and advice about all of these.

Steve, who celebrates 10 years as an it’seeze consultant this year, says: “We deal with SMEs all the time and understand the issues they face. They realise that they need to broaden their channels to market right now, but while online marketing may not be their area of expertise, it is ours!” 

Steve has very recently been approached by a forward-looking retailer seeking his help to set up an online shop and another wanting to add virtual vouchers to their website. He expects more to follow. “I have seen no downturn in business,” he says.

Steve’s message to SMEs wondering how to cope is that they should act now. He advises: “If you are not sure what to do, give your local it’seeze consultant a call. You don’t have to be an existing customer – we will provide practical help and advice to anyone who needs it.” 


All it’seeze consultants across the UK are continuing to offer their services throughout the Covid19 pandemic, so businesses in their area can be assured of getting advice and services to keep their companies operating.

Keeping in touch safely

Until recently our consultants have marketed their itseeze service through face-to-face meetings and networking groups. That’s difficult now, but it’s not stopping them seeing clients. They are turning to online meetings instead – and the experience is just as rewarding for client and consultant.

Nic Johnson, the itseeze consultant in Hull, says: “The Zoom video conferencing tool, which we’d used previously, is now really proving its worth. There’s not much you can’t do in a Zoom meeting that you’d do in a standard face-to-face meeting, and you can record it so you can review notes and check information afterwards. 


Nic is also offering his expertise to businesses. “Lots of SMEs know little about meeting software like Zoom, because they don’t normally need to use it. Now they just want to know that it works and that we’re sorting it for them.” 


Like Nic, all the itseeze consultants are continuing to make their services and advice available in all ways possible.


Nic says: “We are using ‘phone and email to reassure clients that we are looking out for their businesses and to remind them of the features included in our sites and how they can be adapted to help their businesses right now. 


“We’re still following up on leads, responding to queries from any business, and more importantly, offering help and advice to any business that needs it – visibly and across all platforms.” 


Looking to the future

The current situation will not go on forever. When the shadow of Covid 19 lifts, businesses that have moved to market and sell goods and services online will have an additional business pipeline, making them better placed to compete in the future.

If you are a business looking for advice about how to move more of your marketing online, contact your local itseeze consultant for advice now – it could make all the difference to your business.


Could you become a business-saver?

itseeze consultants, who are franchisees with web design franchise, work from home and set their own hours, which can be flexed to allow for childcare.

Many are members of local networking groups such as BNI, and joining virtual meetings so they can continue to grow their business.

The franchise is the ideal choice if you are seeking to start a business not just today, when businesses are rushing to boost their web presence, but in the future, when they will need your ongoing help and advice to maintain it.

We are so confident that demand for itseeze web design services will increase that we are continuing to recruit new franchisees. Experience in web design is not essential, as has a team of designers who create the sites you sell. Franchisees also get business support, sales and marketing training and free membership of business networking groups.