At Domestic Angels, we take care of business figures, objectives, health and targets monthly on a 121 basis with our franchisees leaving our termly gatherings free to focus on the bigger picture, usually connected with individual well-being or a specialist area. This term our expert led meeting focussed on our personal environment, behaviour, capabilities, beliefs and values, identity and life purpose. Combined, these elements either undermine or enhance our abilities to be the best version of ourselves in all areas of our lives. We recognise that each of our franchisees is a business owner, with all parts of their lives, these elements, intertwining. To have peace of mind in business, business owners need to take care of themselves. We don’t just say this, at Domestic Angels we DO this. From a good old fashioned chat on a regular basis to this spring’s expert led termly meeting, we are about humans, not machines, we are about nurturing our franchisees and taking care of them. Our expert leader, Lindsay Shepherd says “It’s an absolute joy to work with a business that cares so much about their people’s well-being.”

When you become part of Domestic Angels, you not only become part of a business, you become part of a movement that allows everyone to take control of their time, lives and money.

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