Wondering if you have what it takes to start your own business? What if there is a way you can do it with the full support of people who become your tribe?

Running a business sounds like an exciting, but scary, prospect. And whilst it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… the idea of doing something for yourself, is appealing! The adventure, the prospect of flexible working, the one at the top of the company chain, all of this is so attractive to you – and it won’t go away!

There is a way to start your journey into business ownership, without having to stress about finding the next big idea, and lie awake wondering how to take an idea and turn it into a success. Franchising! Wait, bear with us a moment and let us explain before you completely ignore the idea!

The UK’s franchise industry is thriving, having grown 25% in the five years between 2011 and 2017, when the 2018 bfa NatWest Franchise Survey was conducted. For UK franchisees, profits remain high, at 93%, and around 60% of franchises are turning over more than £250,000 annually. This is your potential, if you wanted it!

Choosing the right franchise for you, is one of the hardest decisions you make, once you’ve decided franchising is the way for you to run a business. And with over 48,000 franchised business successfully operating all across the UK, in over 900 sectors, the world of business ownership is your oyster. And just in case you’re still not sure, you have a better chance of success, as a franchisee, with less than 1% of franchise businesses closing due to failure.

Let’s explore a little what franchising can mean for you:

1.) Franchising is about belonging
One of the biggest reasons we, as women, hold back from starting a business is because we don’t feel confident about achieving something by ourselves, for ourselves. When you find the right franchise for you, you join a network of people who are as passionate about your success as you are. You’re not in competition with each other, you’re part of the same tribe. You’re stronger together.

Most franchisors will pair you with another franchisee who you can approach about any aspect about running your new business, as well as being able to approach the franchisor directly. You belong to something bigger, and can have a big impact with your new business.

2.) Franchising is about feeling supported
As part of the franchise network, you’ll also have access to everything the franchisor has done, developed and created, for your new business. They will provide you with training on everything related to running a business under their brand, as well as about actually running a business. You won’t need to go back to university… unless you wanted to!You’ll receive the full support of the franchisor, and other franchisees throughout the lifetime of your business. And as you grown in confidence and experience, you’ll be able to give back to others who join the brand after you.

3.) Franchising is about feeling inspired
With the whole gender gap in large corporations, it is hard to find the right kind of role model. Someone who can help us believe we can achieve business ownership goals, and do it successfully. Within franchising, you have access to so many role models, you will be feeling inspired with each new connection you make. Not just those women who are within your network, but so many women who are doing incredible things with their businesses. From the woman who started a charity to provide education in Thailand with her business, to the woman who is looking to make her local community a safe place for people with dementia, by raising awareness of the debilitating illness.

Through EWiF regional meetings, and the bfa’s annual EWIB conference, you’ll see the franchise industry is like a small family, and we all want to see you succeed. We know we’re stronger together, so we believe in you.

Want to know more?

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