In the fast-paced world of technology, where digital literacy is becoming increasingly vital, TechyTots is on a mission to empower young minds with essential coding skills. With great excitement, we announce the latest addition to our growing family of franchisees: Linda, who is set to launch TechyTots Brentwood. As our 5th franchisee, Linda is not only expanding the TechyTots brand but also bringing the world of coding education closer to children in Brentwood, UK.

The TechyTots Mission:

TechyTots was founded on the belief that every child should have the opportunity to learn and develop crucial coding skills from an early age. In today’s digitally-driven society, understanding technology is akin to a superpower. It’s about enabling children to shape their futures by mastering the tools that will drive the world forward.

Linda Joins the TechyTots Family:

Hi, I’m Linda. I’m a busy mum to two teenagers and a science and technology enthusiast.

I worked as a science teacher in secondary school for over 15 years and before that, I worked as an engineer designing and testing car engines.

Children are naturally inquisitive and I have always had an enthusiasm for engaging their interest in engineering and coding activities. Our robots are the perfect tool for making this exciting and educational at the same time.

I’m delighted to be running TechyTots and TechyJuniors in Essex. Firstly as an opportunity for young people to learn new things at their own pace but also to develop their problem-solving skills, make new friends and have fun.

Linda shares the TechyTots vision wholeheartedly. Her passion for education and technology made her the perfect addition to the TechyTots team. With years of experience in teaching and a deep understanding of the educational needs of children, Linda is well-equipped to make a positive impact in the Brentwood community.

Why Coding Skills Are Essential:

Coding is not just a skill; it’s a mindset. It fosters problem-solving abilities, creativity, and logical thinking. In the digital age, these skills are becoming essential in nearly every field, from science and engineering to arts and entertainment. By introducing children to coding at a young age, we are setting them on a path to success in an increasingly tech-driven world.

TechyTots Brentwood: What to Expect

Linda’s TechyTots Brentwood franchise will offer a range of exciting and interactive coding classes for children. These classes are designed to be fun and engaging, making learning an enjoyable experience for kids. Through play-based activities, games, and age-appropriate challenges, children will develop a strong foundation in coding concepts.

TechyTots is thrilled to welcome Linda as our 5th franchisee, as she embarks on the journey to bring coding education to children in Brentwood. With Linda’s dedication, TechyTots Brentwood is poised to make a significant impact on the lives of young learners, equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age.

As TechyTots continues to expand its reach across the UK, our mission remains clear: to empower children with the coding skills that will shape their futures and prepare them for success in an increasingly tech-savvy world. 

Welcome to the TechyTots family, Linda, and best wishes for a successful launch in Brentwood!


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