With entrepreneurs across the UK continuing to identify the franchise industry as being the ideal next step in their careers, 2023 has seen a diversity of industry-leading brands further strengthen their franchise opportunities through welcoming high-quality franchisees into their network. This much can certainly be said for the UK’s top window cleaning franchise, My Window Cleaner (MWC), which is currently celebrating one of its most successful periods since launching over 27 years ago.


The fast-growing franchise network has welcomed three new franchisees over the summer months – a vital step for the brand’s mission of meeting the UK’s demand for such services which have seen a 15% rise in the last year alone1. The first of MWC’s new franchisees is Simon Grange, franchisee of Brighton and Hove North. Having identified the unmissable opportunity as he approaches the end of a successful career in the provision of electronic communications, Simon sees MWC as transformative for both him and his local community. He now enters this new chapter in his career as a franchisee of a brand dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve huge financial and personal success.


“I’m delighted to finally be launching my own MWC franchise,” said Simon. “I’d been looking at different business ownership opportunities for a while – from hospitality to other premises-run businesses – but none stood out quite like MWC. From my first contact with the franchisor, I got an incredible sense of community and support within the brand – that’s exactly what I need as an ambitious entrepreneur, so I didn’t waste a second in moving forward with taking on my own territory. The whole operation, from our ever-evolving online management system Gloria to the holistic benefits of working outdoors and being on the open road, is incredible. I can’t wait to see where this venture takes me!”


MWC has also welcomed Ed McCann, the new franchisee covering Stafford. Ed recently celebrated the birth of his son in the area with his partner following multiple rounds of IVF which, combined with his burning ambition to become his own boss, led him to launch MWC. Ed now has the means to forge his own success in a family-run business while supporting his growing family and his community.


“I’d been waiting for a reason to launch my own business for a long time, so I’m proud to have made this transition at such an important stage of my life,” added Ed. “Being a franchisee of MWC will give me the time and the resources to become the father I want to be. It’s my mission to project my values and become a real root of my community. I’m very driven to get a fleet of vans out on the road in my community to maximise the limitless opportunity the franchisor encourages us to capitalise on from day one.”


MWC’s franchise industry-leading CRM system, Gloria, is helping franchisees optimise their rotas and support the overall delivery of their services while helping more established franchisees achieve turnovers of £11,000 per month, per van.  And with 10,500 customers currently being served nationwide, a focus on efficiency and optimisation is vital for franchisees to achieve such impressive returns. Not only this, MWC’s newly introduced revenue streams and services are priming the network to continue to outperform themselves in the future.


Joining at the ideal time to benefit from these developments is Lee Young, the new franchisee of MWC Carlisle. “Customer service has always been at the forefront of my professional life – I love it,” explained Lee. “With the pull of the outdoors being great for my own physical and mental wellbeing, I didn’t look any further once I found MWC. I’m following the marketing plan and using the valuable tools I have at my disposal as a franchisee to the fullest. Just two months since launching and it’s already working perfectly, and I’m growing a great customer base. Being a MWC franchisee gives me a huge sense of community purpose, and the positivity and ambition the brand projects is so infectious in the delivery of my business.”


“Welcoming such a talented group of new franchisees is indicative of the calibre of people who are currently identifying MWC’s franchise opportunity,” said founder and managing director, Karen Prewer. “The work doesn’t stop here for us – we’re currently making further significant investments in our training and systems. Already, this focus is reaping huge network-wide success and we’re more excited now than ever as we look ahead to the rest of the year and beyond.”


As the franchise network continues to expand and with exciting plans for the rest of 2023, MWC is keen to hear from others who think they could join this 5-star franchise. For more information, visit https://www.mywindowcleanerfranchise.co.uk/