Now is the time to consider how you can make an impact on the business landscape, and what actions you can take to ensure success with N.Bar.

What do you know about the nail and beauty industry? This year, we witnessed a massive uptake:

  • Nail & beauty salons were amongst the fastest growing businesses in the first half of 2023 (Source: H1 2023 Retail and Leisure Trends Analysis
  • The UK’s Nails market is currently worth nearly £400million
  • It’s projected to grow by 2.31% to a global market value of €0.37bn by 2028 (Source: Statista)

So, as we leave 2023 behind, let’s look at the shifts and challenges of the beauty retail sector and how mental health is affected. BUT… also at how franchising, as a method of business ownership, can improve your wellbeing, when you open a new business.

Consumer trends

Consumer preference shifts rapidly, thanks to emerging products and online trends. Understanding what customers need is vital to business growth, which is why beauty and nail salons across the UK adapt to new markets, taking centre-stage within the top 10 fastest-growing retail categories in the UK.[1]

Nail franchises, like N.Bar, emerged as net growth frontrunners, highlighting the importance of personal grooming to people. The specialisation of nail treatments and offering customers the chance to take time out to #TreatYourself, propels our success.

Through our training and support, as part of your investment in an N.Bar business, stability is an important aspect of your development. Having a supportive team behind you also means you don’t have to fear being alone or feel lost in business.

Women empowerment

Despite the economic downturn, women are major players in the entrepreneurial landscape. And the number of women looking for business opportunities continues to grow:

  • Over 150,000 new all-women led companies were founded in 2022 – more than ever before
  • 5% of new incorporations last year were all-female led, rising from 16% in five years.
  • The biggest leap was amongst 16- to 25-year-old female founders, rising by 24%[2]

With access to a supportive network through franchising, women represent huge economic potential for the UK, as £250 billion could be added to the UK economy[3] if they had the confidence and knowledge to start a business. At N.Bar, we’re proud members of Encouraging Women into Franchising, and love inspiring woman to thrive in business. Our guidance is designed to give you the confidence to know YOU CAN DO IT!

Franchise success

Becoming a franchisee means you benefits from a ready-made support system, with training programmes and operational guidelines. This has been shown to ease the burden on entrepreneurs, reducing the risk of burnout and increasing the likelihood of success.

So, when you invest in N.Bar, you benefit from:

  • Reduced sense of isolation A common challenge for entrepreneurs is feeling isolated. Franchising brings you into a community of people. At N.Bar, we’ve seen the value of having the right people beside you, who can guide you through challenges like: how to increase your profit margin, or how to implement the latest beauty trend, so you’ll never have to experience loneliness in business.
  • Increased flexibility and work-life balance Franchising also offers you a flexibility so you can redefine your work/life balance. Through N.Bar, the clarity of our model allows you time to focus on your strategic decisions, whilst promoting a healthier working culture.
  • Increased opportunity for multiple success Multi-unit franchise owners consistently enjoy positive business growth. Despite economic challenges, franchising proved to be resilient, reducing the worries faced by business owners. With our structured approach and support systems, you’ll discover a unique path for both business growth and personal wellbeing.

Create positive change for your future

Rather than struggling independently, discover how empowering it is to be part of a supportive franchise community like ours! Let’s talk about N.Bar business ownership!