What a way to make a livin’ when you’re capable of so much more… now if only there was a way for you to work the hours to suit you and your lifestyle?!

How are you feeling about your working week, at the moment? It’s the start of a New Year, and – cliché as it is – this often causes most of us to assess where we’re at, and what we hope to achieve over the next 12 months. Maybe you love what you’re doing… and we are so pleased to hear it, as we think every woman has the right to love what she does. But maybe, like our headline suggests, you’re more of a “Here we go again; another week to survive” kinda gal. In which case, we have a suggestion for you to consider. Read on, and all will be revealed!

What are other women feeling?

Georgene Huang, who writes for Forbes Woman recently said, “On Fairygodboss, I’ve seen many women having conversations about not feeling sure of their next move or themselves, doubting their abilities and accomplishments, and overall feeling really discouraged.”

To check whether this was a one-off thing, Fairygodboss and Dress for Success joined together to find out the lay of the land. They devised a survey, to which 800 women responded, and found[1]:

  • 46% said they were confident in their skills and abilities
  • However, 75% said they felt unsupported by colleagues and professional networks, and felt they don’t have the right opportunities for career development.

The survey also asked women what they wanted from their career. Around half said they wanted:

  • To feel fulfilled by what they do
  • Financial freedom
  • The ability to prioritise their health and wellbeing whilst maintaining healthy boundaries between personal and professional lives


What about you?
How do you think you would have responded, had you seen the survey, about how you’re feeling about your career, your opportunities for development? And, if you were to think about it now, what do you want from your career, for your future? Would you agree with the survey results?


Here’s our suggestion

Now, we’re not saying franchising is right for everyone, but it might be right for you. And it’s definitely worth considering – even if now isn’t the right time.  

If we use the above survey results, franchising:

  • Allows you to use the skills and abilities you have, so you can move into a new sector
  • Gives you so much support, from the franchisor, and peers in the franchise network

And, because franchising enables you to run your own business, you can find:

  • Fulfilment in what you do
  • Financial freedom, especially once you’ve settled into your new business, and it’s growing substantially
  • As the boss, you can choose when you work best – in line with your client/customer expectations, obviously. But, there’s no rule to say admin has to be done when you’d prefer to cook pizza with your kids. And there’s nothing to say you can’t answer the phone or respond to emails from your campervan by the sea! Your career: Your rules.

How does franchising work?

When you invest in a franchise, you invest in your future. With over 900 franchise brands in the UK, in pretty much any sector you can imagine, there’s scope for you to build the kind of business you could truly excel at. It’s not about waiting for an opportunity for arrive, it’s about creating the opportunity for yourself, and strutting your way through your open door.

A franchise will:

  • Give you access to a business model they have ensured works – you can see this from others who are already running a business, under the brand.
  • Train you in how to run your business, under their branding, with all the lessons they’ve learned so you can avoid the pitfalls.
  • Support you as you start your new business, and then offer you continued support through the lifetime of your business, as you grow and turn a profit.
  • Provide you with everything you’ll need to run your business – from the right email software, to accounting tools, customer service guidelines, stock, resources, and supplier relationships – among other things. You literally won’t have to work out where to start, as your franchisor has worked it out already.
  • Give you a saleable asset for your future, so when you’re ready to exit, as long as you’ve done everything you can to build a business someone else will want take over. If this isn’t financial security for your future, then we don’t know what is!



Find out more about the benefits of franchising for you on our website. We also have a free download: The Curious Woman’s Guide to Franchising, you can read at your leisure. Or, if you’d prefer to talk to someone who has already made the change into franchising, then why not take advantage of our free 30 minute mentoring offer.


[1] https://fairygodboss.com/articles/confidence-at-work-research/?utm_source=forbespress&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=confidenceresearch