Claire Boscq-Scott is known locally for her customer service obsession, she is now joining the rank of the Global Customer Service Gurus by being voted #Guru13 on the

‘I was actually shell-shocked when I looked up the list, Claire says, I wasn’t sent an warning emails as the list went live on social media, so seeing my name as No 13 Global Customer Service Guru was just incredible. Having been obsessed by customer service and helping business to deliver exceptional customer, this is such an honor.’

Claire Boscq-Scott established The Busy Queen Bee brand in 2009 and has more than 25 years’ global experience in the customer services industry.

“The mystery shopping division of the business now caters to more than 40 companies, across four islands, with 85 professionally trained mystery shoppers. She also offer extensive training programme in customer service, networking speed buzzing events and self-published her book, Thrive with The Hive, in 2016. She launched her first Franchise in 2015 and is now looking at growing the Franchise opportunity in French and English speaking countries, with the new Franchisee in Mumbai started in January 2018.

“I am very proud of The Busy Queen Bee brand and the development of the franchise model is one part in our plan to continue to expand the business, its service offering and locations. I have a very big vision, not only to raise the standard of customer service around the world but also to empower women by giving them the tools to run their own successful mystery Shopping and customer experience franchise business

So, together we can stimulate women’s potential in business and raise their participation in process of social and economic development and to raise the importance of customer service and increase the level of excellence in local businesses.

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