At EWIF, we’re trying to change the face of the franchise sector so that women have a much larger presence in the franchise industry than they do currently and to balance out the ration of men to women in the franchise industry. The awards not only recognise the achievements of women in franchising, they also aim to boost their position and give them more credibility in their industry.

By recognising the achievements of so many women within their businesses, we help to encourage more women into the franchise industry. The NatWest/bfa survey recently revealed that women now account for just 23% of franchisees in the UK. The survey also revealed that over the last two years, only 17% of new franchisees have been women.

“It was wonderful to have your hard work acknowledged by people who understand franchising and who look beyond just the financials to the underlying principles that you have used to establish your business in your local area,” explains Hilary Coates from Wagging Tails winner of New Woman Franchisee of the Year 2015.

The awards provide such a great boost for franchisors, franchisees and employees. It boosts their brands and gives them an extra accolade to help promote their businesses and give them an edge over their competition.

In addition, being a member of EWIF opens the doors to networking with some of the biggest brands in the franchise industry as well as some of the smallest. Many businesses grow through networking and gaining advice from those business owners who are experiencing exactly the same challenges. For those looking to take their first steps into the franchise industry either as a franchisee or franchisor, attending EWIF meetings and conferences is a great introduction and a way to speak to those already in the industry.

“The EWIF awards are a fantastic way to help women in the franchise industry come together and celebrate and recognise both their own and each other’s achievements. Many of them don’t even realise that most of their achievements are so good because, for them, it’s just part of what they do every day. Many of them dedicate their working lives to supporting others in their businesses and we want them to be celebrated and recognised for this,” explains Clive Sawyer, CEO of EWIF.

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