For many people, owning your own business, becoming your own boss, and working from home are all dreams that seem too far out of reach. These ambitions are often spoken about, but realistically never achieved due to the financial strain and pressure of starting a business from scratch and taking that leap of faith. 
In the current climate, many people have been forced to work from home and convert a bedroom or living room into a home office space. What may have seemed like a daunting new way of working at first – bringing their daily work routine into the comforts of their own home – might now increasingly seem like a far more productive and efficient use of time, with this new routine enabling people to spend more time with their families and less time commuting to work. Sound familiar? 
If you have been enjoying your new daily routine working from home, then perhaps now is the time to consider making it a permanent arrangement and take away the dread of going back to your old time-consuming commute and all the distractions of working in an office. This is your chance to take control of your future and to make your daily routine work for you and your family by starting your own business – one you can operate from home. 

Opting for an established franchise where you can work from home, instead of a stress-filled startup company, will give you the opportunity to run your own business but with the added benefits of marketing products in a proven market with an experienced support team behind you, and a large network of other franchisees to lean on for advice and guidance. 


Here, we outline 3 key reasons why you should consider a home-based franchise: 


1. Control Your Work-Life Balance 

Having a work-life balance is extremely important to help maintain a healthy work environment. Allowing a balanced amount of work, recreation, and rest will help you to increase your productivity in the workplace, reducing the chances of burnout or chronic stress. 

With a franchise, you’re in control of your own schedule and setting your own working hours. It is a home-based franchise that is designed to work for you, giving you a better work-life balance with flexible full-time working hours. 

For working mum Gemma Green, who only became a franchisee in March this year, it was the ability to choose her own full-time hours that really appealed to her about
“I really wanted to partner with a franchisor that would allow me the flexibility to work from home. appealed to me because not only is it an industry I am familiar with, but by enabling me to set up my itseeze franchise business at home, it means I can still do the school runs every day – which is really important to me. I can also attend personal appointments in the day when needed, without feeling guilty as I can catch up on my work in the evenings or at weekends.” – Gemma Green, itseeze consultant in Knutsford. 

A home-based franchise will put you in control of your work/life balance, giving you the chance to spend more time with your friends and family by creating your own work schedule. You’ll be able to work remotely from any location, so you’ll never miss out on a family outing again! 


2. Stop The Daily Commute 

A daily commute stuck in traffic is exhausting and writes off many hours every day. It gives you less free time to lead an active lifestyle with daily workouts. The Royal Society for Public Health published a report that argued how commuting can have a negative impact on both your physical and mental health. They claim that more than 2 in 5 commuters say ‘that the commute decreases the time they spend being physically active’. 

Before starting their franchise, husband and wife team Nic and Sarah Johnson set up their own design and marketing business in 2007, hiring their own office space a few miles away as they felt this was what was expected of them from their clientele. 

“We hated the commute – the mindless, twice daily task of sitting in a car during rush hour, crawling along at 10 miles an hour doing a journey that takes an hour when it should take just 20 minutes, was just too much!” After 10 years of the same stressful daily commute, they re-evaluated what they wanted from their career and decided to partner with and relocate back home “it was one of the best decisions we made.” – Nic Johnson, itseeze consultant in Hull. 

“Whilst working from home is really important to us, so is keeping our home life separate – so since starting our franchise in 2017, we’ve converted our garage into an office space, which gives us a professional working environment to meet with prospects and clients, but also separates our work and family life. It may only be 10 steps across the garden to the home office, but it’s enough of a separation to feel that we can focus on work yet still have the comforts of being at home. Plus, we’re way more productive and less stressed without our daily commute!” – Nic and Sarah Johnson, itseeze consultants in Hull. You can read more about Nic and Sarah here

For many people, multiple hours are wasted every day on their long daily commutes. These are hours that could be spent more productively. Maybe you’ve been putting off that daily run, learning a new skill, or even missing out on time with your family; working from home will give you back hours each day to do all the productive activities you have missed out on, helping you to be the proactive person you want to be. 

3. Start Your Own Business At A Low Cost 

Starting your own business can come at a heavy price. Not only do you have to invest a lot of time and money into a startup company, you also lose out on all-important family and personal time. 

Former teacher Suzy Perry joined the franchise in 2011 because she wanted her own business, but didn’t have the capital to invest in staff, stock, and premises – making the perfect choice. With a franchise, franchisees do not require any staff until the business is built up to such a point where turnover allows for this investment and they’re ready to make that next step. What’s more, no stock is required, as all our franchisees market our 4 unique website packages, and no premises are necessary, with many of our franchisees working from home. 

“I wanted to partner with a franchise where at the outset I wasn’t going to have the hassle or the financial outlay of finding and maintaining premises, recruiting staff, and having lots of my money tied up in stock. Since joining, I’ve been able to operate my business from home, which has suited me perfectly, and up until very recently I’ve not needed to take on any staff. Now the business has grown to a point where in order to sustain its growth, I need an extra pair of hands to help me.” Suzy Perry, itseeze consultant in Bristol. You can read more about Suzy’s background and her franchise experience here
With a franchise, you can work from home and do not have to take on the expense of an office or hiring new staff unless it’s something you wish to do. 

Starting your own business with a home-based franchise comes at a low cost, financially and personally. Working from home cuts the cost of an expensive office space and all of the expenses that come with it. It will also help you personally by not taking up all of your time, meaning you won’t have to keep missing out on important moments with your family and friends. 

Overall, a home-based franchise is your opportunity to make a life-changing decision that will completely transform your future, give you back much-needed time with your loved ones, and help you do more of what you enjoy in your free time. It will give you the work-life balance that you’ve been craving, along with all the benefits of being your own boss, working flexible hours, and having a full team to support you every step of the way. 
Do you want to be your own boss without the stress of a startup company?‘s home-based franchise could be exactly what you are looking for. Find out more here