The news feeds are buzzing with actions of young people concerned about the environmental challenges. Teenagers and children are the ones speaking out about climate change and want governments to take notice.

It’s not just talk either, young people are giving up their time and really getting stuck into the work to make a positive change to their environment. At Razzamataz Theatre Schools, the students, teachers, Principals and Head Office are working together to find solutions to reduce waste and encourage recycling.

The network of almost 50 schools across the UK have recently introduced reusable water bottles as well as bags to reduce single use plastic.There are useful line markings on the water bottles reminding students to keep drinking and how much their daily water intake should be. The visual reminder is a very easy way for children to learn what the correct amount of water that should be consumed each day is and they can see how close they are and if they have reached their target.

“We were seeing lots of plastic bottles which was one of the reasons for introducing our own reusable water bottle,” explains Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz. “We’ve had such positive feedback and it’s wonderful that we are helping to reduce waste while also encouraging children to drink more water.”

Many of the schools are making their own changes to be more environmentally aware. They have implemented their own strategies to make small but significant steps in the fight against climate change. At Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield, Principals Nick and Gemma are passionate about being leaders that can inspire the next generation to make changes.

They reuse all old paper including spare newsletters, old scripts and lyrics to make into staff notebooks, note sheets and more. “We don’t dispose of any paper other than confidential or sensitive matter that needs to be shredded,” says Principal Nick. “We have also installed LED smart lighting and heating in our office and storage facilities to reduce electricity and monitor our heating use.”

Even after the 2018 showcase, the Sutton Coldfield team pitched in together to collect over 100 empty and half empty bottles of water, bagged these up, poured the left over water onto lawns in staff members’ gardens to help the grass and plants, then took all the bottles to be recycled.“We know these might seem like small steps, but it just shows how easily we can all help to protect our planet for the future.”

Since then, the school did a big litter pick that Principals Nick and Gemma arranged as part of the Great British Clean Up with support from the local council. Together, 48 students, parents and siblings joined forces to gather a whopping 22 bin bags full of rubbish and helped to clean up Sutton Park in Banners Gate.

Nationwide, Razzamataz now purchase uniform from a supplier that does not individually wrap each item to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging waste. With each school taking small steps, bit by bit, the whole team of students, staff, teachers and Principals are learning the importance of creating a sustainable future.

Razzamataz is a franchise network that will be celebrating 20 years of business in 2020. Franchisees come from a range of backgrounds including former performers, teachers, mums returning to work and young graduates. As a brand, Razzamataz work with many leading players in the performing arts industry and can offer franchisees great contacts to help them grow their own schools.

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