Bring-a-Buddy For Free! 


With personal connection being “up there” as a means of building your confidence, how could you invest in your friends during 2023? EWiF have an exciting new idea! Ask any woman, and she will tell you her friends mean the world to her… they’re our cheerleaders, our crown-fixers, and the ones we often turn to for advice, and a glass. Which is why we want to help you invest in your relationships this year.

EWiF is running an exciting new campaign: Bring-A-Buddy!

What is it?

We are inviting our ambassador members to invite a ‘buddy’ (or ‘buddies’ – you can invite more than one!) along to any of the EWiF meetings for free, to see for themselves what we’re all about. Connect your friends/colleagues/clients to an industry which could enhance their business, or benefit from their services, plus you could win EWiF Ambassador of the Month if your friend(s) becomes an EWiF member!

So, take a look at your inner circle or network. Who are you connected with, and what could they offer to the wider franchise community? Or, how could franchising inspire them to fulfil their true self? Then, just invite them along to the next meeting in your region. If we all invited just one person, and they, in time, invited someone else, through the power of connection EWiF’s impact could really grow in 2023!

 What’s in it for me?

Well, aside from introducing your friends to our fantastic industry, you could win EWiF Ambassador of the Month when your friend(s) becomes an EWiF member!

This means you’d become our highlighted ambassador for a whole month, as we promote you and your business across all EWiF channels. So, the more people you introduce, the higher chance you have of becoming our ambassador of the month! Bonus!


Ready to invite?

We hope you’ll take part in the campaign; it’s always nice to see new faces at EWiF meetings, anyway! But, even better when you could win extra promotional opportunities this year, by helping us grow! If you’ve never been to one of our regional meetings, now is the perfect time to join us, all new faces will be very welcome.

So, find out when the next regional meeting is, book the date out in your diary, and start inviting your connections!

“Regional Meetings are a fabulous way of meeting like-minded people and sharing best practice in the franchising industry.”

Jo Stone

Puddle Ducks

“My introduction to EWiF sums up the organisation beautifully; it is warm, welcoming, supportive and everyone is willing to help, it is a safe space to share ideas and advice and you are valued.

Jane James

Little Voices