A Government report released this month, shows many women are working below par, and feel trapped or bypassed for promotion. Could franchising be a way out of the box?

How satisfied, as a working mum, do you feel about the progression of your career?

A Government report released in July, shows around 75.6% of mothers with dependent children were currently in work[1]. Which is great news for working mums! It shows the commitment by employers to supporting working mothers with flexible or term-time hours.

However, many women who struggle with childcare, have said they feel trapped in their current roles. This is according to a poll of 2,000 UK mums commissioned by Koru Kids[2]. The study also found:

  • 45% felt they’re prevented from being promoted due to a lack ‘wraparound care’
  • 45% said they were currently working below their experience and pay grade to fit work around school hours
  • while 20% were having to work reduced hours

This is on top of the emotional impact:

  • 56% of working mums said the lack of childcare affected their mental health

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, as Tammy Wynette once sang… though not for the same reasons as she gives in her song!

So, what options are out there for those who do feel like they are working below their level or are passed over for promotion? One consideration may be to work for yourself. We know it’s not for everyone, and we know it might be for you, but not right now… however, at EWiF we believe women should be given the freedom to be who they truly are.

Franchising might be the right option for you
Within the franchise industry are over 900+ brands in every conceivable sector. So, before you write it off as probably not being suitable for you, consider the sector you want to be in, and look at what franchises are available within it. From accountancy to kids clubs, from beauty to HR, from management to consultancy, there is a high possibility of you finding the right franchise for your experiences, your skills and your future goals.

Now might just be the right time
If you’re feeling frustrated within your current work situation, it might be time to assess the pros and cons of making the right decision for you personally. One of the biggest fears, currently, is around the cost of living crisis, and its impact on businesses. But, if you decide now is the right time, your franchisor will have provisions in place to guide you through. The longer they’ve been operating as a franchise, the higher the chance they’ve already survived through past recessions.  Don’t be afraid to ask the questions, so you can assess your future.

Funding might give you the lift-up you need
For many women, the biggest challenge of starting a business comes down to funding and finance. However, what they’re often not aware of is the Government drive to encourage women into business ownership, and the funding being made available to you. The Investing in Women Code has


[2] www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/article/1747252/half-working-mums-feel-trapped-in-job-because-inadequate-childcare-survey-finds