Knowing your options can help you take control of your career

Research has shown how women often don’t run their own business because they don’t know where to start, not because they aren’t capable. We believe you are capable. If you knew what opportunities were open to you, we think you’d soar as the owner of your own business.

Grab a cuppa and take a 15 minute break, with us. Enjoy this discussion as Pip Wilkins from the bfa, and Steph Gutmann from EWiF are joined by two franchisors, as we discuss the benefit of franchising as women in business.


Feel supported to start your business

Running a business sounds like an exciting, but scary, prospect. But, whilst it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… the idea of doing something for yourself really appeals to you! The adventure; the prospect of flexible working; being at the top of the company chain… It all sounds so good and you wish it could come true – but where would you start? Discover the basics of franchising, and how it can help you start your business adventure.

Franchising is not

When people talk about franchising, what do you think of? A film franchise? A coffee shop? McDonalds?! However, the UK’s franchise industry is thriving and the industry is worth an impressive £17 billion to the UK’s economy. Ordinary women, like you, make up the army of business owners providing employment to more than 700,000 people. Gain a clear understanding of how franchising can help you, as we bust the myths of franchising.

I already run a business, can franchising help me grow?

We also know it’s hard to imagine yourself at the top of the ladder, when there are so few women to inspire us to make it. Franchising is filled with incredible women from all walks of life, who have taken their dreams, like you, and turned it into their own success story.

The joy for every business owner, is knowing you have a business people like! You’ve created a successful business, and you are thriving! Now, do you move into bigger premises and employ more people? Or find somewhere to set up another one? Or, is there another way?

There IS another way: Franchising! And the UK’s franchise industry is thriving, according to the 2018 bfa NatWest Franchise Survey. It’s worth an impressive £17 billion to the UK’s economy. Discover how you can become part of one of the UK’s healthiest sectors.

Still not sure?

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