EWiF Award Entry 2024 Terms & Conditions

  1. You must be a woman and either a franchisor, franchisee, service provider or an employee of a franchise business to enter the EWiF Awards. Men can enter the Service Provider of the Year award and Ambassador of the Year award categories.
  2. An applicant can enter themselves or can be entered by another person. The person you are entering must agree to be entered. 
  3. The entrant’s contact details on page 1 of the Official Entry Form must be fully completed.
  4. Confirm on Page 3 of the Official Entry Form that you have understood and agree to the conditions for the award entry.
  5. You must provide a written statement in support of the entry on Page 2 of the Official Entry Form ONLY.
  6. Your written statement must identify; what the applicant did DURING 2023 that you believe makes them a candidate for this award category.
  7. If you include any statistics, please attach relevant documents to support any claim made. Unsubstantiated claims will be excluded by the judges.
  8. Only include information relating to prior to 2023 if it helps to illustrate a point that relates to the entrant’s achievements during 2023.
  9. The judge’s decision will be based on activities and achievements of the applicant during 2023 only.
  10. The judge’s decision will be based only on the information provided in the written statement and supporting evidence.
  11. Information relating to prior to 2023 or information that is known by the judges but not included in the written statement will be ignored.
  12. The judges may request additional information.
  13. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  14. Submissions must be submitted on the Official Award Entry Form, with ALL supporting material and evidence and sent to us via WeTransfer. Please do not email your entry as it will not be counted!
  15. The judges will select a shortlist of finalists, all of whom will be notified via email and from which the winner will be selected.
  16. The judge’s decision is final and the organiser is not obliged to justify any decision or enter into correspondence.
  17. The organiser reserves the right to withdraw or change award categories, change entry deadlines, or change the date of the awards gala dinner, venue or host.
  18. All finalists will be required to attend the EWiF Award ceremony on the 18th October 2024.
  19. Entries will only be accepted from UK businesses.
  20. Award winners and finalists may state in advertising/promotional activity and on their stationery that they are a winner or finalist, but this must include the category, the year in which the award was won, and ‘Winner’ or ‘Finalist’.
  21. By engaging in the process and attending the awards reception and awards ceremony, entrants (including appointed representatives and guests), acknowledge that they may be photographed and/or filmed and agree that such photography and/or video may be used in promotional or branding activity including any comments or testimonials.
  22. The closing date for entry forms to be received is 5pm on 31st July 2024.
  23. No responsibility will be taken by the organisers for entry forms not received.